On Location: Brown Bears!

Lake Clark Bears August 2012 – Images by Art Wolfe

We just completed a tremendous photo tour in Alaska’s gorgeous Lake Clark National Park. Access to brown bears here is unequaled.

Next year the workshop will be led by Jay Goodrich & Gavriel Jecan. If you are interested in getting on their mailing list, please contact info@jaygoodrich.com.

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MONP! Take Advantage of Early Bird Registration!


Less than 30 days left for the Early Bird registration discount for the Masters of Nature Photography seminar that I’m doing with Frans Lanting and Thomas D. Mangelsen on November 9-11 in San Francisco.

>>REGISTER here.

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New USA Workshops with Art Wolfe

Composing Effective Images – FIELD EDITION
2-Day Workshop with Art Wolfe & Jay Goodrich
Seattle – October 20-21, 2012
Welcome Reception at Art’s House on October 19th – 6pm to 8pm. Light appetizers.

We have modified this class to offer more of what people want. We are now including a FIELD session in this class. We are packing so much into this class, that Art will actually begin his first lecture at the opening reception in his home on Friday night. This class is available only in Seattle, WA.

Whether hosting PBS series, Travels To The Edge, publishing a book, or conducting a seminar or field workshop, my focus remains the same: “Engage, inspire and reveal a new vision of the world around us”.


OCTOBER 26-28, 2012
(3 day Workshop)
Led by Art Wolfe
Join Art Wolfe for fall colors in the Great Smoky
Mountains. Based out of Asheville, NC, we explore
with field sessions in this incredible National Park.
Art’s finer points of maximizing early morning and
late afternoon light at this unique time of year will
yield great images and inspiration for your work.
The best way to learn photography, is in the field,
one-on-one with an experienced instructor.

NOVEMBER 16-18, 2012
(3 day Workshop)
Led by Art Wolfe
Join Art Wolfe as we explore Owens Valley. The
Light is exquisite this time of year. We will take
field sessions to the beautiful surroundings of
Bishop. Art’s finer points of maximizing light
will be discussed in the classroom and in the field.
Critiques will be part of the learning process, too.
The best way to learn photography, is in the field,
one-on-one with an experienced instructor.

NOVEMBER 30 – December 2, 2012
(3 day Workshop)
Led by Art Wolfe
Join Art Wolfe as we explore the desert that
surrounds Palm Springs. Dunes, cactus, and
wildflowers are abundant in this unusual
landscape. Art’s finer points of maximizing light
will be discussed in the classroom and in the field.
Critiques will be part of the learning process, too.
The best way to learn photography, is in the field,
one-on-one with an experienced instructor.


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New International Workshops with Art Wolfe!



February 4-14, 2013
(11 days/10 night Photography Expedition)
Led by Art Wolfe
Change is coming quickly to Myanmar, formerly
known as Burma. New elections have brought the
hope for democracy. Nobel peace laureate
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is in parliament, and now
is the time to travel to this fascinating country!
Explore the ancient cities, Buddhist temples, and
vibrant culture of this country just opening up
to the outside world.

February 19 – March 1, 2013
(11 days/10 night Photography Expedition)
Led by Art Wolfe
The image many of us have of Japan is
congested and kinetic. But, Japan has a wild
side. Beyond its crowded cities, the country
delivers quiet unexpected natural beauty.
Join this photographic pilgrimage to the iconic
red-crested cranes in the north, the macque
snow monkeys in the south, and the sacred
temples of Mt. Fuli and Kyosan.


4th September 2013 and finishes on 14th September 2013, starting and ending in Windhoek, Namibia.

15th September 2013 and finishes on 27th September 2013, starting and ending in Johannesburg, South Africa

Art of Composition Seminar
London: September 8
Cologne: September 22
Rome: October 13

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Masters of Nature Photography


Join three nature photography masters, Frans Lanting, Thomas D. Mangelsen, and Art Wolfe, for a unique weekend of photographic inspiration

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 18, 2012.  For the first time ever, three of the world’s most renowned nature photographers–Frans Lanting, Thomas D. Mangelsen, and Art Wolfe–are teaming up to present a series of unique weekend events that will change the way you look at photography and what you can do with your own camera.

Frans, Tom, and Art will draw from their wide-ranging experience with subjects and locations around the world to inspire attendees, show them new ways to see, give them tools to create more compelling images, and empower them to use photography to benefit conservation causes and other personal interests.  Presentations from each photographer will be mixed with panel discussions, Q & A sessions, and reviews of images submitted by attendees.  Photo industry expert Patrick Donehue will share strategies used by successful photographers to get the attention of editors, art directors, and other photo buyers.

The first Masters of Nature Photography Seminar will be held Friday November 9 through Sunday November 11, 2012, in San Francisco at the InterContinental San Francisco Hotel.  For more info or to register, please visit www.MastersofNaturePhotography.com.

About Frans Lanting

Frans Lanting has been hailed as one of the great photographers of our time.  His influential work appears in books, magazines, and exhibitions around the world.  The recipient of many honors, Lanting has been commissioned frequently by National Geographic, where he served as a Photographer-in-Residence.  His mission is to create leverage for conservation efforts and to promote understanding about the Earth through images that convey a passion for nature and a sense of wonder about our living planet.  For more, visit www.lanting.com.

About Thomas D. Mangelsen

Thomas D. Mangelsen’s limited edition prints have been collected by more people than have those of any other living nature photographer.  His images are known for their exquisite composition and for conveying a strong sense of place and a keen understanding of animal behavior.  Sensitivity to his subjects and reverence for their surroundings is a defining mark of his work.  Mangelsen has received many awards for his photographic and conservation work and has been profiled frequently on television.  For more, visit www.mangelsen.com.

About Art Wolfe

For four decades, Art Wolfe has worked on every continent, in hundreds of locations, and on a wide array of projects.  His unique approach to photography is based on his training in the arts and his advocacy for the environment and indigenous cultures.  Wolfe has published more than 80 books and is the recipient of numerous awards.  His work has also been featured in traveling exhibits, galleries, and the award-winning television series “Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge.” For more, visit www.artwolfe.com.

For press and sponsorship inquiries, contact Brandon Kirk:  Brandon@MastersofNaturePhotography.com

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New Photographic Tours from Art’s Recommended Guides

Long-time Art Wolfe associates Jay Goodrich and Gavriel Jecan have just posted a terrific selection of tours starting in August & running through next summer:

USA, including Mt. Rainier, Colorado, Hawaii & Utah: http://artwolfeworkshops.com/n_american.php

International, including Vietnam, Bhutan, and Bali: http://artwolfeworkshops.com/international.php

About Gavriel & Jay: http://artwolfeworkshops.com/instructors.php

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Southwest Workshop Participants’ Gallery

In June I like to head to the Southwestern United States. The heat of the desert hasn’t quite yet got to the point where it is painful. Moab and Kanab, Utah are close to magnificent national parks. After the wet spring in the Northwest, it is nice to travel to a warm location, and this area offers a completely unique environment. Spectacular land formations and lots of hidden canyons can be found in Arches, Capitol Reef and Canyonlands National Parks to name a few. The Southwest certainly has a lot to offer, and we explored a small corner of it in my latest workshop. Take a look at the wonderful shots my fellow photographers got!

Adam Sabow: “It was a fantastic time – already can’t wait to plan the next one!”

Alan Sund: “We had a great trip to Moab! The participants were great – many (like me) were back from prior trips, and knew we were in store for a wonderful workshop. Art and Jay were their usual selves, always supportive but also determined to help each of us grow in our photographic abilities – and all the prep-work done by your Seattle crew made it all work smoothly. I can’t wait to find another workshop to sign up for in the near future.”

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Olympic Peninsula Workshop, May 2012Participants Gallery


As always, it is always great to spend several days in Olympic National Park with such enthusiastic photographers! This workshop continues to be the gold standard of my learning program. Be sure to check out the blogs & websites of the following photographers!

Alan Augustine: “I really enjoyed the workshop. Art and all of his assistants were very helpful with my attempts to progress from simply documenting a scene to creating a work of art.”

Andrew Nixon “What a great introduction to the Olympic Peninsula. Can’t wait to come back.”
Blog: nixonphoto.wordpress.com Web: www.andrewnixonphoto.com

Cory Kitzan: “I had a GREAT time at this workshop. I came home and told my wife that it was the best three days of my life! It was very mentally and physically challenging. It took me two days to recover! I loved every bit of it.
Art has so much energy and passion, and seemed to really care about the quality of the workshop experience for each member of the group. He was a lot of fun to be around. His lectures and candid comments during the critiquing session were invaluable. I learned so much!
I also learned humility when I viewed my results. I’ve been taking photographs as a hobby since I was a kid (35+ years). I understand the technical side, and can take good “vacation photos”, as Art described them. I have loved Art’s photography ever since the first time I saw “Travels to the Edge”, but I didn’t know what it was that appealed to me, or how to replicate it myself. At the workshop, those questions were answered.
I now have many fun years of practice ahead of me. What I learned in those three short days will impact my photography for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend Art’s workshops and lectures to anyone interested in photography.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Cory Kitzan


Dan Rosen: “I had a great time at the workshop!”

Darrell Sano: “I’ve always admired Art Wolfe, ever since watching his “Travels to the Edge” PBS series. He is far more than a landscape photographer, and his fascination with people and culture attest to his multi-faceted interests and skills. Aside from looking at his work and hearing first-hand explanations behind his images, the class afforded me the opportunity to visit someplace I’ve never been. And sharing the experience with fellow attendees, especially those who I drove in our car pool, was utterly enjoyable.”
Web: www.dksfoto.com


Ella Hudson: “Earlier in my life I have worked as a college photographer and a medical photographer. More attune to a PR and photo journalism style, I have never really explored nature as a photo subject. The grand landscape has always been too broad and vast; my photos never came close to Ansel Adams! But I enjoy others’ nature photography.

I have followed Art’s work since becoming aware of him through “Travels to the Edge.” His obvious love and passion for animals and nature’s beauty is what makes these episodes. My husband encouraged me to sign up for the Olympic Peninsula workshop as a gift to myself. This was the first real photo workshop I have ever attended. Even though I felt a little out of my comfort zone, I promised myself that I would be open to all the possibilities, no matter what. I really had no expectations; I planned to attend and see what happened.

Well, what happened was more than I could have ever expected. Photography, photography, photography morning to night with a lot of other people at times feeling out of their comfort zones, too! But that’s how you learn! Here was an opportunity to just soak it all up!

Web: www.stonecoastphotography.com


Eric Schoch: “This was a terrific workshop in a great locale. Art and all the instructors were supportive and had excellent suggestions. I learned a lot and had a great time!”
Web: ericschochphotography.com


Kashif Izhar: “What an exhilarating experience it was to be with Art Wolfe at the Olympic Peninsula Workshop. 3 days full of great advice and ample chances to implement it in the field with first hand feedback from Art and his team. The critique session was by far the best, where Art looks at each photo for a moment and then with live Lightroom implementation, transforms it to its true potential. Wish to join Art once again at a more exotic location for a longer trip.”


Kathryn Mead: “Art is a great teacher in lecture, field and critique. His enthusiasm is boundless as is his knowledge, which he shares freely. This was my 3rd workshop with Art. He takes us to places that offer a variety of shots. Since he’s thought out where to go, all I have to do is think about shooting. I really enjoyed shooting with a group. I got to make new friends and learn even more about photography from talking to them and seeing their work. Art’s personality sets a relaxed atmosphere. I would recommend a workshop to anyone who would like to learn more about how to see an environment in a way that allows them to create more compelling images. For me, this class is not (mostly) about f-stops and ISOs. It’s about how to see a composition. My photography has improved tremendously as a result of learning from Art.”


Lizz Bartlett
Web: www.lizzbartlett.com


Nick Monkman: “Art Wolfe is a fantastic teacher and and enjoyable person just to be around. Not only did I improve my photography – I also had a fun vacation. Art’s rich background in painting and art history really help drive home his main teaching points about effect compositions. Lectures were well-organized without being oppressive and the image critique at the end of the workshop was especially rewarding. Well done…and when’s the next one?”
Blog: nickmonkman.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/6/okay-that-was-fun
Web: nickmonkman.zenfolio.com/


Timothy Lindsay: “I learned a lot about composition and the technical aspects of photography on this workshop. Both during lectures from Art Wolfe and his helpers in the field. I recommend atttending one near your home first so you know what kind of equipment you need (and what you don’t need) when traveling with your photography equipment.”


Todd Hatakeyama:
Blog: www.lightingleica.com

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Art Of Composition Coming to California!

Art will be giving his one day seminar, The Art of Composition, in San Francisco on Saturday, June 23rd & in Santa Ana on Sunday, June 24th.

Sign up now using coupon code 050512BL and get a 15% discount!


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First call for Europe!


Art is taking his Art of Composition Tour to Europe this fall! He will be lecturing in three locales:

London, September 8th
Cologne, September 22nd (During Photokina)
Rome, October 13th

>>CLICK HERE To Register and for further information:

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