Tequila Time


Join Art Wolfe at his home in West Seattle, Washington as he enjoys a margarita with long-time friend Parimal Deshpande and provides a candid update on the latest information about upcoming projects and provides inspirational advice on staying productive during this time of social distancing.

The questions roll in! Some good ones, some great ones, and some. . . well, others! Art does his best to field any and all questions from the audience in this second installment of Tequila Time Live!

Art gives a tour of his garden, inspired by the Huangshan mountains of Japan. When Art isn’t traveling, there’s a good chance he’s hiding here somewhere tending to his Japanese maples or wrangling koi who have made their escape to the off-limits areas of the pond.

Art invokes the mantra to “Live Like an Artist!” as he shares his home and many of the artifacts and artworks he’s collected over the years. To live like an artist, surround yourself with the things that inspire you – and as Art explains, it’s not about purchasing expensive works of art!

Art discusses some of the books from other artists and photographers that inspire him, and how digital images simply can’t replace the texture and smell of holding a book in your hands and immersing yourself within it’s words and images.

On the topic of books, the audience asked for a list of Art’s favorite book projects that he’s worked on over the years. There have been many – but some stand out more than others as far as Art’s personal connection with them.

The Human Canvas is one of Art’s most personal and beloved projects, and his passion for the work is expressed in this (unexpectedly – someone get that man a new watch!) extended episode of Tequila Time!

Art discusses his top ten moments from nearly five decades of international travel.

In this episode, Art breaks from format in respect to current events happening around the United States and the world. He discusses an outlook gleaned from a lifetime of travel, visiting dozens of countries and meeting innumerable people from all walks of life and culture.

Art discusses his 10 favorite photos from the entirety of his career! Spoiler alert: He couldn’t pick just 10!

Art looks back at some of the riskier moments of his career, and provides some words of warning. Don’t make his mistakes – you might be surprised to hear which beast provided the most vicious encounter!

Art shares photos of American Crocodiles photographed in Mexico.
Art shows the first part of his collection of images from his upcoming book, “Act of Faith”

Art’s longtime friend and travel companion (and the man behind the scenes making the delicious margaritas!) Gavriel Jecan joins us on Tequila Time with all KINDS of stories about his travels with Art!

Art shares the second part of his collection of images from his upcoming book, “Act of Faith”

Art reflects on some of the less serious moments in his career. From pranks to photo manipulation, humor is fuel for creativity!