New Photos From Iceland!

Art Wolfe's New Photos from Iceland

So much of a successful photographic experience is being able to adapt to the conditions the planet hands to you at any given time. That was certainly the case with my first trip back to Iceland since 2021.

Case in point: we saw two puffins. Apparently, they have moved to a more remote location on the north side of Iceland (and puffins were easily photographing in the Faroes). However, we did see some other lovely birds, including barnacle geese and their goslings, territorial red-throated loons, arctic terns, and ringed plovers. I just love the beautiful reflection shots as the terns skimmed over a highland pond.

Redirecting to the Icelandic Highlands definitely paid photographic dividends. The landscapes are ruggedly beautiful with much to take in on both macro and micro scales. We took in the grand landscapes formed by an eruption in the 15th century as well as the smallest details such as the common butterwort–a carnivorous plant that has adapted to growing in nutrient-poor soil by digesting insects that are attracted to its lovely purple blooms.

Check out my upcoming photo tours and treat yourself to a little bit of adventure, fun and good company!

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Happy Independence Day – July 4th Print Sale!

Happy Independence Day! Have fun, stay safe – and stay hydrated. To celebrate, save 20% off a few prints I’ve selected for the occasion through the end of the month, a couple of which are featured in my latest book, Wild Lives. Just use code JULYPRINTS2024 at checkout! I’ll be sure to sign it for you before it heads out the door.

A bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) dives at speeds up to 99 mph, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA

Diving Bald Eagle | Glacier Bay, Alaska

A view of the Puget Sound at sunset from Olympic National Park, Washington.

Puget Sound Sunrise | Olympic National Park, WA

American Bison, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Trio of Brio | Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming USA

If you’re not interested in one of the three I’ve chosen as part of the sale, of course my Open and Limited Edition collections are available as well.

Enjoy your holiday – and your new, beautiful prints!

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50 Most Beautiful Places in the World

Art Wolfe's 50 Most Beautiful Places In the World

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is a very subjective list of picturesque places on our one and only planet. I have favorite places that aren’t necessarily the most beautiful, but I think we can all agree on most of these. I’d love to hear your opinions and additions.

It happens that I am also leading workshops in several of these place over the next year, including Mount Rainier, New Zealand, Kenya, and the Olympics. Head on over to the Events page to see what’s new!

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Katmai, Alaska Bear Tours Are Almost Full!

Art Wolfe's Katmai Bears in Alaska Workshops 2024

Just a couple of spots remain in my late July and early August Katmai bear tours in Alaska – now is the time to sign up if you’ve been thinking about attending this workshop! For some time now, we’ve been leading two trips here a year. Next year there will likely only be one on the calendar due to scheduling trips for upcoming book projects. I anticipate that sole trip will sell out quickly, so if you want to ensure a spot on this epic trip, why wait?

One of the biggest selling points of our workshop is the amazing support we have on the ground. The team we work with lives and breathes the Alaskan wilderness, and are as familiar as anyone on the planet with the locations and habits of the bears we aim to photograph. With a lodge, our own pilot and meals included, your only job is to pack your gear and make it to Anchorage – we will take care of the rest!

Lets talk about the real reason you go on a trip like this – the adventure into the Alaskan wilderness to photograph the great Alaskan brown bears! While they fish, play, and wrestle they show us all why it’s so important to protect these natural spaces. This is, after all, their home – as familiar and important to them as our own back yards are to us. With great respect, we are in their territory. The unique life-long connection you’ll find you now have to these bears is enriching far beyond our time here. It’s definitely left an impression on me!

Check out photos from last year’s trip, then reserve your spot to come along in July and August!


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Art Wolfe – UW’s 2024 Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus Award Winner!

It was quite the whirlwind: swapping stories at a private luncheon with UW President Ana Mari Cauce, then a magnificent awards ceremony in Meany Hall where so many talented people were honored for achievements in their various fields, and finally a delicious dinner for all the awardees at the Conibear Shellhouse with Husky Clipper shell of the 1936 Olympic Champions hanging above us. It was extraordinary! Thank you to the UW Alumni Association, everyone who gave their support and attended the ceremony, and to my dates Helen Cherullo and Gregory Green.


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Throwback Thursday – First Wildlife Photo & The Camera Used!

Moose, BC Canada.

One of the early pages of my latest book Wild Lives features the very first wildlife photo I ever captured – a moose in British Columbia. Not the most stellar photo in the world, but significant in that it was the start of quite a journey that I am still on today.

I just received quite the surprise gift in the mail from my good friend, incredible author and fellow Photographer Rob Sheppard – a nice note with this “incredible” shot, along with the same style Kodak Brownie Fiesta Camera that I shot it with. Talk about a blast from the past! These cameras were manufactured in the 1960’s, and you could own one for the reasonable cost of $5.95! If you were exceptionally thrifty, 15 cans worth of soup labels sent to Campbells at the time would also suffice!

What was your first camera and the subject that set you on your photography path? Leave a comment below!

Art Wolfe's first wildlife photo of a moose and the Kodak Fiesta Camera of the type it was shot on.

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New Photos From the Carmel Coast!

The Carmel coast in California is a captivating blend of rugged natural beauty and abundant wildlife, making it a haven for photographers. This coastal landscape offers the rocky cliffs and pristine beaches you’d expect, with seals, sea lions, otters and shore birds animating the landscape. When I’m here, I’m keeping an eye out for the abstract opportunities reflected upon the water, and familiar forms on oxidized rocks and minerals.

Variety is an important factor when I’m picking out workshop locations. Many of my personal trips in specific for book projects have me making a long trip just hoping to capture a few iconic shots of a certain species, event, or culture. When I have the opportunity to lead a workshop, variety is a huge factor in determining how frequently we might revisit a location. The Carmel coast has variety in spades as described above, but also the many forests, redwoods, and other inland sights within striking distance.

Needless to say, this is also a top-tier location for enjoying wine and food with good company as well. Looking forward to the next visit!

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100 For The Ocean Print Catalog Opens June 1st!

100 For the Ocean 2024 Print Catalog

This weekend kicks off a worthwhile campaign: 100 For the Ocean! 100 photographers and artists, myself included, have donated images help raise $1M to support the conservation of our oceans.

You can download the catalog here to check out all the images. Sales will begin at 12:01am EST/9:01pm PST/8am UK. These prints encompass amazing ocean-related images and begin at just $100. This is an incredible opportunity to own a conversation piece and support a worthwhile cause that benefits everyone on our planet.

For more information visit their website. If you’re just not in the market for new decor, spread the word on social media for a great cause!

King Penguins swim in Cooper Bay, South Altlantic Ocean,  South Georgia Island.


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Art Wolfe Honored with University of Washington’s Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus Award

Wolfe follows in the footsteps UW grads Dale Chihuly, Imogen Cunningham, and Chuck Close

Photographer Art WolfeSEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, MAY 30, 2024 — Art Wolfe is a long-time leader in the conservation photography movement and a prolific, restlessly creative nature and fine art photographer. In 1975 Wolfe graduated from University of Washington (UW) with degrees in Fine Arts and Arts Education.

Seattle born and based, Art Wolfe grew up in a family of commercial artists who encouraged his creativity and a connection to nature.  For nearly fifty years he has stunned and thrilled readers with the dazzling beauty of the planet’s wildlife, landscapes, and diverse cultures. His goal is to win support for conservation issues by “focusing on what is beautiful on the Earth.”

Wolfe has published over 100 books in eight languages.  Though Wolfe, 72, has often been described as a wildlife photographer—his most recent book being the astonishing Wild Lives—he tackles themes that take him beyond the subject of nature. In his book Human Canvas, he placed painted human figures against elaborate painted backdrops to transform bodies into abstract landscapes and he is working on a book of world faiths. He has hosted several television series, including the award-winning Art’s Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge which was syndicated worldwide, has had traveling exhibitions, and regularly donates his photos to environmental organizations.

The Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a UW graduate and is presented annually by the UW and UW Alumni Association. It recognizes a legacy of achievement and service built over a lifetime.

The UW Awards of Excellence ceremony honoring Art Wolfe and other outstanding alumni, faculty, staff, students, and retirees will be held on campus at the Meany Center for the Performing Arts at 3:30 pm on Thursday, June 6th, 2024.

It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed.”

—Art Wolfe


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Raleigh, NC – Art Wolfe Presents WILD LIVES in June 2nd!

Art Wolfe Presents WILD LIVES in Raleigh, NC on June 2nd at 7PM

We are just over a week away from my WILD LIVES presentation in Raleigh, North Carolina! Books will be available for purchase, and I’ll be signing copies. More importantly, I’ll be taking a deep-dive into the stories and strategies behind a lifetime of wild life photography and international travel.

As someone who’s spent their life photographing wildlife around the globe, I feel I’m well-suited to comment on the changes I’ve seen in the flora and fauna of places I’ve revisited several times over the years; a list that continues to grow with each new trip. While I strongly advocate continuing to find ways to lessen mankind’s impact on the natural world, WILD LIVES seeks to present animal success stories.

As we continue our struggle to evaluate mankind’s impact on our environment, populations for many species are on the rise as they reconcile their co-existence with humans. It was my goal with WILD LIVES to celebrate these successes. The news isn’t all bad! Perhaps there are lessons we can take away from these animals that have weathered the storm of sharing our planet with a species that is capable of inhabiting nearly every environment on the planet.

We’ll have a limited supply of books on hand that I’ll be signing. I hope to see you in Raleigh on June 2nd!

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