#WisdomWednesday – Navigating Uncertain Times

Dear Friends,

At this moment I am on my way to teach a workshop in Utah. We photographers who make travel our business are but a tiny subset of the overall tourism industry which generates 10.4% of global GDP and some 319 million jobs, but like everyone else we are closely watching this rapidly developing situation with the Novel Coronavirus. It is a huge understatement to say that getting the under control is critical.

While my life has been full of risk-taking, I don’t expect my clients to have the same threshold that I do. Already this month several of my speaking events have been rescheduled which I completely support. The health of my workshop participants is an absolute priority for me. My home, the beautiful Pacific Northwest, has become an epicenter, and is the location for my spring workshops

In light of this, I am postponing my photography workshops scheduled from later this month through the end of May. I will work with my students on rescheduling and deeply appreciate everyone’s flexibility and support as we explore options. If you are signed up for one of these workshops, my office will be contacting you soon with updates. In the mean time, feel free to email us if you have any specific questions or concerns.

My workshops later in the year are continuing as planned. For all workshops I strongly recommend travel insurance, and if you want the extra security, a CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) supplement.

While we’re all waiting for worry-free travel to return, I don’t want any of you to get rusty! Continue to hone your skills and prepare yourself for your dream trips. I will be releasing and streaming updated versions of my tutorial seminars. You’ll have the opportunity to get out in your immediate surrounds to practice and join our group review sessions. I plan to do the very same and it’ll be fun to do it together and challenge ourselves! Stay tuned to our newsletters and updates for these releases in the very near future!

Please take care of yourself, your family, and friends during this time of uncertainty and stress. We are all working to stay safe and healthy to travel another day. For up to date information on the Coronavirus, see the CDC and WHO websites.

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#TravelTuesday – Participant Photos From India!

This past March saw plenty of time spent with great company photographing the culture and wildlife of India during Holi, and I’m thrilled to be able to post some of the photos our workshop participants captured along the way. Though the mass of humanity participating in the celebration can be overwhelming, it truly is a once in a lifetime experience and I’m glad we were all able to come away with some incredible shots. Thank you to everyone who participated – it truly was an honor to visit these ancient and culturally revered locations with you!

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Join Me in Japan this February!

This coming February, I’m proud to present the Japan Photo Journey – an intensive photography workshop and journey to one of the great places to visit in the winter time for truly unique photo opportunities. Both myself and Gavriel Jecan will be with you and 9 other participants over the course of an 11-day workshop that begins in Tokyo before heading to the mountains to photograph the snow monkeys enjoying their hot springs.

Once the monkeys have had their fill of our small group, we will head to Japan’s northern island, Hokkaido. In the winter here, the days are short – but the stunning sunrises and sunsets can be lengthy, making this an ideal shooting location with expanded periods of time to shoot in ideal lighting conditions. The rich forests and mountains here provide the perfect backdrop to photograph the many bird species that congregate here, here including the symbolic Japanese Crane, whooper swans, and the very large Steller’s sea eagle.

The days may be a bit shorter, but they will be full of adventures and opportunities. By the time the sun goes down there will be plenty of time for everyone to enjoy a nice warm bath before we have a meal together, after which we will engage in lectures, critiques, and of course cheerful banter. Though our day shooting may be over, teaching is my passion and it’s in these moments where we regroup and discuss the day where perhaps the most knowledge is gained and shared.

Limited space is available, so register today to ensure your spot!


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Art Wolfe Grant Winner Andrew Snyder

Excellent photos and inspiring words from Andrew Snyder regarding our trip to Katmai, Alaska! Andrew was a recipient of the Luminous Endowment’s Art Wolfe Next-Generation Photographer’s Grant. His essay is full of some great tips and insights from Katmai – give it a read!

The Luminous Endowment provides grants to photographers world-wide to pursue photographic projects. Learn how you can apply for the various upcoming grants they provide.

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Abstract Astoria Participant Gallery

This past August, I had the honor of spending time with some very skilled and adventurous photographers on my Abstract Astoria workshop

I’m pleased to share some of the images our group photographed at this underutilized location. Thank you to the following participants for submitting their images:

Walter Duvall

Ondrea Hidley

Robert French

Steven Palmer

Patrick Plaia

Rona Zevin

Astoria, Oregon, as many may not know, was the first permanent U.S. settlement on the Pacific coast.  Being located on the west coast, there are only a handful of great locations to photograph where history and time have sculpted the local aesthetic. Ancient pilings, rusty fixtures, and time-worn buildings flush with weathered detail that some may find unappealing make for deeply interesting abstracts. It’s location close to the elements of the pacific ocean only enhance these features, creating a cornucopia of visual detail that the discerning artist and photographer can’t help but appreciate. Astoria is a treasure trove of visual elements that too few photographers take advantage of.

This isn’t to say Astoria is not gorgeous; in contrast to these rusty and rustic elements, Astoria is a beautiful city, accommodating travelers with fantastic lodging and excellent dining, and I highly recommend paying it a visit!

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Photos from the 2016 Next Generation Photographers Grant Winners


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting the winners of the 2016 Art Wolfe Next-Generation Photographers Grant and sharing my Katmai workshop with them. They have been gracious enough to send us some of their favorite images from the trip. Enjoy, and definitely give their personal websites a look!

Jenny Adler

The past week in the back country of Alaska has surpassed all of my craziest dreams and expectations. A week long fellowship with Art Wolfe, Gavriel Jecan and 7 other amazing young conservation photographers has resulted in new friends, endless inspiration, a lot of learning, and a permanent smile on my face. Simply being in the presence of some of the most incredible animals I have ever had the privilege of shooting was amazing, and to have the opportunity to learn from Art and Gavriel made it even more spectacular. Sitting by the river and watching Alaskan brown bears fish for salmon or standing in a wide open field as 3 cubs playfully tormented their tolerant and loving mother are certainly experiences I will never forget. A huge thank you to Art himself as well as everyone else at Art Wolfe Inc. and the Luminous Endowment who made this possible. We are greatly indebted to you and will certainly apply these experiences and what we learned throughout the rest of our careers.

Todd Amacker

Dan Mele

Benjamin Olson

Grant Ordelheide

Gabby Salazar

Andrew Snyder

This experience to Alaska, photographing brown bears in the incredible wilderness, far exceeded any and all expectations. Being able to learn from and shoot alongside Art Wolfe, Gavriel Jecan, and the seven other extremely talented recipients of the 2016 Next Generation Young Photographers grant is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. Not only did I return home with a portfolio of images I am very proud of, I’ve returned home with unbelievable memories. Being able to have so many wonderful experiences with brown bears, watching mothers playing with their cubs, adults catching the plentiful sockeye passing through the rivers, salmon migrating to their lake or river of birth, I will remember these fondly for the rest of my life. To everyone who made this possible, Art, Gav, the Luminous Endowment, Art Wolfe Inc., Jerry Jacques and the rest of the crew at the Bristol Bay Sportfishing and Adventure Lodge, I can’t possibly thank you any more for providing this once in a lifetime experience!

Joseph Sulik

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Take One of My Olympic Workshops

There is one spot left on my Lake Quinault Photography Retreat June 8-12 and four spots left on my Olympic Peninsula Workshop coming up June 16-19.

1) Check the Olympic National Park off your bucket list. Do you have a National Parks passport? Maybe it’s time to get one and start visiting the sites of “America’s Best Idea.” The park system is marking its 100th anniversary this year.

Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

2) Check a workshop with Art Wolfe off your bucket list. A UNESCO world heritage site combined with a world renowned photographer, who also happens to be a great teacher and inspiration? Check!

220 - 20120818_Sul Duc

3) The trees. The temperate rainforest has a living standing biomass which may be the highest anywhere in the world. And it is stunningly gorgeous.

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington

4) The coast. The rocky headlands, beaches, tidepools nurturing a living rainbow of colors and textures, offshore sea stacks of the park’s 73-mile wilderness coastline is a rare treasure.

Sunset on Second Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

5) Assistants. I am accompanied by terrific assistants to assure that your photographic experience is as rich as your surroundings. The Quinault retreat is manned by my workshop coordinator Libby as well as two experts in Leica cameras, who will have equipment on hand for you to use; Libby, Bill, Yuri, and Anthony will be working the Olympic Peninsula workshop.


6) Friendship. I don’t know how many friendships have formed as a result of these workshops in particular.


7) Vampires. They’re sexy.

8) Water. Water defines Olympic National Park. There’s a reason why the trees are massive and the moss lush; why the rivers are highways of life; why the glaciers are there to sculpt the massive peaks.

Another long exposure of the rapids along the Queets River, with the reflection of the sky and trees above adding subtle shades to the blue of the river waters.

9) Wildlife. We may get lucky and see the huge Roosevelt elk that make the Olympics home.

A small group of Roosevelt Elk stands alertly in the Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington.

10) Adventuresome learning. I work hard to make sure everyone comes away from these multiday workshops feeling better about and more enriched by their photography skills.

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Astoria Workshop Participant Photos

Earlier this summer I accompanied a wonderful group of photographers on my yearly Astoria, Oregon workshop. I am pleased to share their work!

Barbara McIntyre:

Art’s Abstract Photography workshop in Astoria was fantastic!  What could be better than practicing my dream art in a beautiful environment with loads of inspiration, support, humor and companionship.

Claire Gardiner:

This workshop promised to change the way I see….and it lived up to its promise! It heightened my awareness of shapes, colors and textures. Now I can’t walk down the street without looking for metaphors! Making art out of a shipwreck or an abandoned WWII bunker was a right brain stretch for me, but I loved EVERY minute of it! Thank you Art Wolfe for heightening my awareness and opening my eyes!

Lisa Goldman

Lynne Gregg

Lynne Kester-Meyer:

I really enjoyed the workshop. Beforehand I was concerned that a workshop with someone of Art’s stature would be beyond my skills. My mistake!  He found out the experience and competence of each of the participants and worked with that. He was available to all of us all the time and I really appreciated that. I was very inspired by Art and his approach and I suspect that my photography is changed forever. I’m certainly seeing shots where I never saw them before!

Matt Kiener:

Somewhere along my three year journey with photography I lost the excitement I got from going out and taking pictures; photography became more about technical details and getting the shot than being in the moment and experiencing the beauty that surrounds me. After just one weekend with Art, I have regained my excitement and passion for photography. Take care, and I hope to see you all on another workshop in the future.

Sara Rohr

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Participant Photos from Olympic Workshops

“Each day, Art would present an abstract element (such as “lines”) and clearly articulate how it could be effectively incorporated into the elements of a picture. Then we would travel to a spot chosen not for its beauty but instead for its ease of incorporating the “abstraction of the day” into our own photographs. Art and his assistants were there to answer questions, but the photographs we took were our own creations. Each morning we presented our own work to the group and for Art’s critique. His gentle humor kept the anxiety levels down and made for a great learning experience.”—Mike Colpitts

“Attending Art Wolfe’s Olympic Peninsula workshop was the most inspiring 2 1/2 days I have experienced as a photographer.  The lectures, field time and critique provided a comprehensive learning environment.  Art freely shares techniques and tips from his vast experience and shares them in a fun and memorable manner.  And, his assistants are terrific photographers who provided excellent ideas in the field.  All up, it was a phenomenal workshop — I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and am anxious to sign up for another.”—Ondra Hidley

“This was an amazing workshop that I enjoyed a lot. It was a great honor to meet and work with Art and his team.”—Mathieu Jonkers

“Art and his team taught us how to create photos, not just take photos. He brought out the artist in each of us, teaching us to compose images with our digital cameras as an artist would compose a painting with humor and energy created a wonderful environment of fun and laughter!”—Paige Roberts

“Studying with Art and his team was a fantastic experience. The workshop was full of precise and valuable information delivered with excellent humor. I’m thankful to have been able to study with such a world-class group of educators, and my photography is much better for having done so.”—Liana Lewis

“I appreciated the personal attention everyone received.  In the field Art made sure that I got the most out of each shooting location. In the classes, as well as in the field, Art focused on us seeing things differently. During critiques, he edited our work, transforming the photographs as we watched, which was very insightful. His feedback was enormously helpful and I came away with a better understanding of how to take a more compelling photograph.”—Liz Fanning

“The Art Wolfe Olympic Peninsula Workshop was a tremendous opportunity to learn a great deal about photography in a few short days. We were at the mercy of the weather, and although we had too much sun at times that hampered some of the scenes, and too many clouds that disrupted a potentially awesome sunset, the assistant instructors, who were very knowledgeable and passionate about photography provided valuable insight into the creative process of capturing the most striking features of a scene. Art Wolfe provided a wealth of information on composition, equipment and techniques – and also helped me set-up a shoot in the middle of a rock-strewn stream. The workshop was very worthwhile – and highly recommended. “—Ric Raunio

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Mark and Bonnie Overgaard’s Excellent (India) Adventure

This trip, which ranged from the color riot that is the Holi Festival in Mathura, to the holy waters and ghats along the Ganges in Varanasi, through the beautiful landscapes and tigers of Bandhavgarh and on to colorful desert settings of Rajasthan, was a terrific experience for us both. Art Wolfe magic was a big part that experience. Art is a funny, engaging and kind human being, as well as an excellent, patient teacher of photography. We would join him again in a heartbeat for more photography travel and hope to do so soon!


See more of Mark and Bonnie’s images HERE.

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