2021 Katmai Workshop Participant Gallery

This year’s bear tours in Katmai National Park didn’t disappoint. The salmon were plentiful, the bears were actively fishing for them, and we were happy to capture it. It was great to visit some locations that I had previously avoided due to crowds, and myself and our participants were rewarded with plenty of opportunities to capture great photos.

This being one of our more popular workshops, I wanted to feature the great photos our participants took on this trip. Fortunately they were gracious enough to accept this request and send me several photos to post and attribute.

Be sure to comment below if you have any favorites!

5 Responses to “2021 Katmai Workshop Participant Gallery”

  1. Sandy Cole says:

    Wonderful photos. I would be interested to know what cameras/lenses were mostly used.

  2. Suki Shattuck says:

    This was such a fabulous trip. It is so much fun to see the photos from my fellow travelers. Everyone took great images. The bears were just amazing and wonderful to watch. Thank you to the team, Art and Gavriel for the trip of a lifetime!

  3. Most pictures are great. I loved one from Tanky Shiu in which the bear in catching salmon fishes jumping upstream the river.

  4. Tanky Shiu says:

    This was a wonderful trip and we had gently of time of taking pictures, until Art or Gavriel wanted to catchup with another bear family. However, to me, the best part was to sit and watch the bears playing, catching fish and just be part of the nature.

  5. Eric Bagelmann says:

    Suki is right. This was a fabulous trip. I’m really enjoying the images others took, that I have as well, but from a different perspective. It’s a lot of fun showing people the photos and describing what we got to see and experience. I want to go again!

    Sandy- I used a Canon 90D with 100-400 IS II. Also used a 1.4 converter.

    Thank you to everyone who made this a lifelong memory, especially Art and Gav.

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