Astoria Workshop Participant Photos

Earlier this summer I accompanied a wonderful group of photographers on my yearly Astoria, Oregon workshop. I am pleased to share their work!

Barbara McIntyre:

Art’s Abstract Photography workshop in Astoria was fantastic!  What could be better than practicing my dream art in a beautiful environment with loads of inspiration, support, humor and companionship.

Claire Gardiner:

This workshop promised to change the way I see….and it lived up to its promise! It heightened my awareness of shapes, colors and textures. Now I can’t walk down the street without looking for metaphors! Making art out of a shipwreck or an abandoned WWII bunker was a right brain stretch for me, but I loved EVERY minute of it! Thank you Art Wolfe for heightening my awareness and opening my eyes!

Lisa Goldman

Lynne Gregg

Lynne Kester-Meyer:

I really enjoyed the workshop. Beforehand I was concerned that a workshop with someone of Art’s stature would be beyond my skills. My mistake!  He found out the experience and competence of each of the participants and worked with that. He was available to all of us all the time and I really appreciated that. I was very inspired by Art and his approach and I suspect that my photography is changed forever. I’m certainly seeing shots where I never saw them before!

Matt Kiener:

Somewhere along my three year journey with photography I lost the excitement I got from going out and taking pictures; photography became more about technical details and getting the shot than being in the moment and experiencing the beauty that surrounds me. After just one weekend with Art, I have regained my excitement and passion for photography. Take care, and I hope to see you all on another workshop in the future.

Sara Rohr

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Participant Photos from Olympic Workshops

“Each day, Art would present an abstract element (such as “lines”) and clearly articulate how it could be effectively incorporated into the elements of a picture. Then we would travel to a spot chosen not for its beauty but instead for its ease of incorporating the “abstraction of the day” into our own photographs. Art and his assistants were there to answer questions, but the photographs we took were our own creations. Each morning we presented our own work to the group and for Art’s critique. His gentle humor kept the anxiety levels down and made for a great learning experience.”—Mike Colpitts

“Attending Art Wolfe’s Olympic Peninsula workshop was the most inspiring 2 1/2 days I have experienced as a photographer.  The lectures, field time and critique provided a comprehensive learning environment.  Art freely shares techniques and tips from his vast experience and shares them in a fun and memorable manner.  And, his assistants are terrific photographers who provided excellent ideas in the field.  All up, it was a phenomenal workshop — I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and am anxious to sign up for another.”—Ondra Hidley

“This was an amazing workshop that I enjoyed a lot. It was a great honor to meet and work with Art and his team.”—Mathieu Jonkers

“Art and his team taught us how to create photos, not just take photos. He brought out the artist in each of us, teaching us to compose images with our digital cameras as an artist would compose a painting with humor and energy created a wonderful environment of fun and laughter!”—Paige Roberts

“Studying with Art and his team was a fantastic experience. The workshop was full of precise and valuable information delivered with excellent humor. I’m thankful to have been able to study with such a world-class group of educators, and my photography is much better for having done so.”—Liana Lewis

“I appreciated the personal attention everyone received.  In the field Art made sure that I got the most out of each shooting location. In the classes, as well as in the field, Art focused on us seeing things differently. During critiques, he edited our work, transforming the photographs as we watched, which was very insightful. His feedback was enormously helpful and I came away with a better understanding of how to take a more compelling photograph.”—Liz Fanning

“The Art Wolfe Olympic Peninsula Workshop was a tremendous opportunity to learn a great deal about photography in a few short days. We were at the mercy of the weather, and although we had too much sun at times that hampered some of the scenes, and too many clouds that disrupted a potentially awesome sunset, the assistant instructors, who were very knowledgeable and passionate about photography provided valuable insight into the creative process of capturing the most striking features of a scene. Art Wolfe provided a wealth of information on composition, equipment and techniques – and also helped me set-up a shoot in the middle of a rock-strewn stream. The workshop was very worthwhile – and highly recommended. “—Ric Raunio

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Mark and Bonnie Overgaard’s Excellent (India) Adventure

This trip, which ranged from the color riot that is the Holi Festival in Mathura, to the holy waters and ghats along the Ganges in Varanasi, through the beautiful landscapes and tigers of Bandhavgarh and on to colorful desert settings of Rajasthan, was a terrific experience for us both. Art Wolfe magic was a big part that experience. Art is a funny, engaging and kind human being, as well as an excellent, patient teacher of photography. We would join him again in a heartbeat for more photography travel and hope to do so soon!


See more of Mark and Bonnie’s images HERE.

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A Touch of Twilight

In early August, five photographers gathered in western Washington for a journey into the wild landscapes of Olympic National Park. Not so unusual… except for the way we met.

We met each other through Art Wolfe’s Facebook page.

When Brigitte Lucke (from Mallorca, Spain) announced she was coming to Seattle in early August, Emily M. Wilson, Victoria Hobbs Braden, Carol Ann Morris (that’s me) (all from western Washington), and Kathy Pfeifer Hansen (from Oregon) were quickly on-board to grab gear and go shoot. A cabin (The “Twilight Eclipse”) was found in Forks, Washington, and the trip was set. Olympic National Park gave us cascading waterfalls (Marymere and Sol Duc), zen-like landscapes (Cape Flattery), beach sunsets (Rialto), and silhouettes and sand formations (Ruby Beach). Add in bald eagles, turkey vultures, cedar waxwings, and it became an extraordinary adventure! Then we were off to Hurricane Ridge (at 4am) for a blazing sunrise and dramatic moonset (the views of each just 500 feet apart). Next was Obstruction Point, where we spotted a sunning marmot, and a cautious ptarmigan with her flock.

We ended our journey in Seattle, at Emily’s home. The super moon, houseboats, a paddle-boarder that somersaulted for our cameras, a Lebanese toddler, flying kites, Tibetan monks, Korean girls, Seattle at night, a lightening storm, visiting Art at his home… it was all one big grand photo op. We felt as if we’d known each other for months, not just the seven days since Brigitte first stepped off the train in Seattle.

A big heart-felt thanks from all of us, Art. Because of you, we connected.

This has become a wonderful circle of friends because of Art. I am so fortunate to have met Art last October and to go outside my comfort zone in an effort to meet the others. I have not only learned a great deal in the last 10 months, but have gained so many friends. I feel blessed.

-Kathy Hansen

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Oregon Coast Workshop Participant Gallery

This three day workshop was filled with intensive field sessions. Art’s goal was to work closely with each participant to really transform and refine their skills. An image can have the power to stimulate the imagination and intellect while also telling a story that awakens the senses. He challenged them to explore the nature of creativity and discover ways to bring its power to each image.

Everyone that attended explored photography and the subjects that were presented more thoroughly than they ever had before. They all walked away with a new perspective on photography and a new found inspiration.

Photographs featured by:

Brian Allen

David Mierowsky

Don Turriaga

Jackie Anderson

John Szafranski

Larry Way

Miki Teixeira

“I have taken snapshots for more than 10 years, but I hit a wall. I knew there was something missing in my work but I just could not see it. This was my first workshop; Art Wolfe’s Oregon Coast workshop on Composition and Design. His distinctive view of the world, coupled with a unique talent to teach reinvigorated me. It was well worth the investment to get me to the next level. Thank you.”

-Don Turriaga


“The workshop was the most intense, personal experience of any photo seminars/workshops I’ve attended.  The focus on the artistic aspects of photography really whet my appetite and senses to see more of what surrounds me for photo opportunities.  The review of technical basics like the 10 deadly sins plus the near genius demonstration by Art of the capabilities of Lightoom will allow me to continue to progress as a serious amateur.  Art’s assistants were also very helpful and courteous throughout the 3 days—they complemented Art very nicely.  I would definitely consider attending another session to continue to grow my skills and vision.”

-John Szafranski

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Astoria Workshop Participants Gallery

This three day workshop was filled with intensive field sessions. Art’s goal was to work closely with each participant to really transform and refine their skills. An image can have the power to stimulate the imagination and intellect while also telling a story that awakens the senses. He challenged them to explore the nature of creativity and discover ways to bring its power to each image.

Everyone that attended explored photography and the subjects that were presented more thoroughly than they ever had before. They all walked away with a new perspective on photography and a new found inspiration.

Photographs featured by:

Dianne Tomita

Kevin Coughlin

Kevin & Kyle Mullen

Peter Brisley

Steven Sholly

Sue O’Connell

“Kyle and I really enjoyed the workshop and Art helped me see and create some great images  that I wouldn’t have considered before the workshop. I look forward to the next time I can travel with Art for some more great images.”

-Kevin Mullen

Can’t see the slideshow? Click HERE

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Patagonia Photo Tour, May 2013 Participants Gallery

-Arjen Sundman

-Bob Johnson

-Victoria Braden


“I have been extremely fortunate to travel and learn from Art on several occasions. Every opportunity that I’ve had to listen to him I’ve learned new things, even as recently as the Patagonia workshop. Art has transformed how I perceive a photograph. He’s worked with me in the field to get it in the camera, and has shown me stronger ways to create a compelling image in the critiques. The series of lectures that Art presents always deliver strong compositional tools which can be applied while out photographing as well as in the editing process. Art is a great teacher. He is generous with his knowledge, engaging in getting you to see creatively, and provides positive and enthusiastic feedback.”

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Japan 2013 Participant’s Gallery

1) Barbara White

“I recently went on a winter workshop with Art Wolfe to Japan. The places we went were fantastic, the photographic opportunities were great, the people on the tour were lots of fun, and last, but not least, Art was really a great guy to be around. He was always helpful with photo tips and always had us in the right place at the right time. I wouldn’t hesitate to go on another workshop with him.”

2) Bill Origer

3) Diane Tomita

4) Jim Waterbury

“Another wonderful workshop!  It’s hard to beat these trips — Art and Gavriel are great leaders — knowledgeable, enthusiastic, with a lifetime of experience in wildlife and nature photography, and fun to travel with.  Art’s vision is truly inspirational … he has a unique ability to teach the “art” side of photography.  And this was a terrific opportunity to experience the natural beauty of rural Japan and be exposed to some amazing wildlife.  Can’t wait for the next trip! “

5) Steven Sholly

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Myanmar 2013 Participant’s Gallery

Dan Rosen
Oded Shulsinger
Robert Levy
Steven Grimm
Susanne Düggelin

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Meet Beate Dalbec

Beate Dalbec has become a friend over the years and she is celebrating her first big commercial sale of an image of bison and Grand Prismatic to the state of Montana. Hear from Beate in her own words her path as a photographer and the role Art has played along the way:
“My introduction to photography came when I was 15 years old, a gift from my father.
I’ve always had a passion for nature and travel photography which led me to watching Art Wolfe’s “Travels to the Edge” on PBS. It gave me a needed boost and when Art offered a workshop in Acadia National Park in Maine in 2009 I jumped at the opportunity to learn from him. Taking this workshop completely changed the way I approach photography.
Art took me out of my comfort zone and made me look at the world around me with new eyes. I followed up this first workshop with a second one from Art the same year at Mt. Rainier National Park. Though the weather was miserable I was amazed at the photographic opportunities before us.Art has taught me to always keep looking, not just to go for the obvious shot. Sure, take it, but then keep looking for different angles, details, and never walk away too soon.  Anyone who has taken one of his seminars or workshops can attest that his passion for photography is infectious and that you walk away inspired to take your photography to a new level.
Through Art I connected with Gavriel Jecan and took my first photo tour with him to Myanmar in 2011 – I was instantly hooked on this gorgeous country and its wonderful people.  Seeing it through the eyes of a professional photographer makes all the difference.  My next project is an exhibit of my Myanmar images from this first as well as my most recent trip.
The bison at Grand Prismatic is my first big commercial licensing sale (and hopefully not my last).  I traveled to Yellowstone National Park in June 2011 with my mother.  While there I had hoped to hike up one of the hills surrounding Grand Prismatic hot spring in order to photograph some nice abstracts (I was inspired by Art’s captures which he had shared during the seminar).
With unpredictable weather I headed straight to Grand Prismatic to take advantage of some accommodating afternoon light.  As intended I hiked up one of the hills and when I reached a nice vantage point I was quite surprised to see a herd of bison heading straight for the hot spring. I just couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t really be that lucky that they would walk right past it?!  But they did! I photographed a variety of compositions, from the entire herd to smaller groups, vertical to horizontal to panoramic. After the herd had passed by, the dark clouds on the horizon earlier opened up into a thunderstorm. We packed up quickly and headed back to the car, drenched but elated to have witnessed and photographed this wonderful scene.
Photography is a wonderful creative medium that is available to anyone. My advice for other aspiring photographers is to photograph what you love and connect with others who share your same passion.  Try to connect with photographers that inspire you and take advantage of opportunities to learn from them. Lastly have a website so people can see your work – there are so many different options out there, that there is really no excuse not to have one.
And speaking of websites – mine is
Beate Dalbec
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