Ten Reasons Why You Should Take One of My Olympic Workshops

There is one spot left on my Lake Quinault Photography Retreat June 8-12 and four spots left on my Olympic Peninsula Workshop coming up June 16-19.

1) Check the Olympic National Park off your bucket list. Do you have a National Parks passport? Maybe it’s time to get one and start visiting the sites of “America’s Best Idea.” The park system is marking its 100th anniversary this year.

Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

2) Check a workshop with Art Wolfe off your bucket list. A UNESCO world heritage site combined with a world renowned photographer, who also happens to be a great teacher and inspiration? Check!

220 - 20120818_Sul Duc

3) The trees. The temperate rainforest has a living standing biomass which may be the highest anywhere in the world. And it is stunningly gorgeous.

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington

4) The coast. The rocky headlands, beaches, tidepools nurturing a living rainbow of colors and textures, offshore sea stacks of the park’s 73-mile wilderness coastline is a rare treasure.

Sunset on Second Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

5) Assistants. I am accompanied by terrific assistants to assure that your photographic experience is as rich as your surroundings. The Quinault retreat is manned by my workshop coordinator Libby as well as two experts in Leica cameras, who will have equipment on hand for you to use; Libby, Bill, Yuri, and Anthony will be working the Olympic Peninsula workshop.


6) Friendship. I don’t know how many friendships have formed as a result of these workshops in particular.


7) Vampires. They’re sexy.

8) Water. Water defines Olympic National Park. There’s a reason why the trees are massive and the moss lush; why the rivers are highways of life; why the glaciers are there to sculpt the massive peaks.

Another long exposure of the rapids along the Queets River, with the reflection of the sky and trees above adding subtle shades to the blue of the river waters.

9) Wildlife. We may get lucky and see the huge Roosevelt elk that make the Olympics home.

A small group of Roosevelt Elk stands alertly in the Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington.

10) Adventuresome learning. I work hard to make sure everyone comes away from these multiday workshops feeling better about and more enriched by their photography skills.

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