Flash CS4 for Designers Week 1- Refresh

Get ready for a quick refresh of the skills needed for this class. If you are new to Flash, or feel a little rusty, this should provide you with the basic skills needed to take this class.

* Working with the timeline and keyframes
* How to make a movieClip Symbol and motion tweening
* How to make a basic button symbol and add ActionScript


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Visit to San Francisco

This past weekend I was in San Francisco visiting my friend Ian Mackenzie. Ian is a brilliant anthropologist and his life’s work has been working with and writing the only dictionary for the Penan of Indonesia. The Penan is an indigenous Bornean rainforest tribe whose way of life is being forever changed by rampant resource extraction.

In 1995 he published Nomads of the Dawn with Wade Davis and Shane Kennedy. To this day it remains a powerful, tragic testimony to a disappearing way of life.

Nomads of the Dawn

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Ryan’s MINI goes to Hawaii

Lance Miller is now taking a MINI to the lava flows of Hawaii..will post a photo as soon as it comes in.


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Ryan’s Mini

Wilderness guide & fellow traveler Jim Taylor got the Mini from http://www.ryansminiadventure.com/HOME.html,
took it to Antarctica and Art photographed it.
Ryan Marie Boykin was wonderful little girl who passed away from leukemia at the age of 3. Her Matchbox cars were her favorite toys and her favorite Matchbox was a red… Mini Cooper. As a tribute to Ryan’s spirit, travelers have been taking Minis all over the world, and now Antarctica has been conquered.


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South Georgia Island

2:45am wake up call! Art Wolfe and John Greengo are off to South Georgia Island and the Antarctic Peninsula today. Stories and photos to follow as we can. We will be posting some things here and hopefully more with Creativetechs.com.
We’re working on a special mixed media, still and video project, where we are working with a wide range of cameras.

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Art Wolfe Interview

John Greengo interviewed Art yesterday for the final week of his 10-week Photography class. It was great!

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Happy Halloween from the Art Wolfe Staff!

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