Slides from Big Sur / Monterey, CA

A selection of Art’s photos taken in the Big Sur / Monterey, California area.

mountain ridge

Kenmore Camera Himalaya Show

Art at Kenmore Camera EventKenmore Camera invited to me to present my Between Heaven and Earth show at a Canon-sponsored event at the Lynnwood, WA Convention Center north of Seattle. I had a great time meeting people. The room was SRO and the response gratifyingly boisterous. The show chronicles how I started with photography in the North Cascades, and how my involvement with a 1984 expedition to the Tibetan side of Mt Everest led to a life-long obsession with the Himalaya. I’ve returned to Tibet, visited Nepal, explored Bhutan, trekked up the Baltoro Glacier of Pakistan, and wandered in northern India. No other part of the world, with the exception of the Pacific Northwest, has influenced my life and work as deeply.Himalaya

mountain ridge

Creating the Night Fisherman

Great photography doesn’t just happen by luck…and sometimes involves more work than the final product would indicate. In this video I talk about one of my favorite photographs, the Night Fisherman, and how it came together.

mountain ridge

Jim Zuckerman: Making Money with Photography

Jim Zuckerman’s class on Making Money with Photography is filling fast. If you can’t make it to Jim’s class this time, consider one of his online offering on Betterphoto, the leading website devoted to online photography courses. For Jim’s schedule of courses covering composition, technique, and the photo business, visit:

mountain ridge

A New Business Model in the Face of Faltering Stock Sales

Jim Martin and I were interviewed by Miki Johnson of livebooks in mid-March on a trip to San Francisco. Livebooks built our website and has become like partners in our business. Miki asked about our new approach to the business of stock photography for their Resolve blog, and I shared our view of the state of the business and our response to the changing environment.

mountain ridge
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