On Location: New York City

New York June 2013 – Images by Art Wolfe

After my Boston & Fairfield workshops, I popped over to NYC to visit friends and see the progress on The Natural Wonders Gallery in SOHO. It is a gorgeous space and I can’t wait for it to open this fall!

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On Location: Wondjina Panels

Wondjina Art, Kimberley – Images by Art Wolfe

These spectacular paintings of the powerful Wondjina were created 5000 years ago. The figures are life size or even larger and are cloud and rain spirits, the arcs of color around their heads depict lightning, clouds, and rain.

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Meet New Associate Instructor: Denis Glenon

I am pleased to announce the addition of Denis Glennon of Iconic Images as a new associate instructor at Art Wolfe Workshops.

Denis GlennonDenis & I have traveled quite a bit together—to China, Australia, and South Africa—and I have enjoyed every minute of it!  Later this year I have two more sold out trips with him that I am really looking forward to.  His latest workshops are listed on the international photography tours page.

Visit Denis’ website and learn more about him:


>>Denis’ latest newsletter

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On Location: Semporna Islands, Malaysia (cont.)

Malaysia #2 – Images by Art Wolfe

More images featuring the seas off Semporna, a small town on the east coast of Sabah State, Malaysia. I was continuing to photograph the amazing Bajau ‘sea gypsies’. These children don’t go to school, or speak Malay, and the families are not even counted as Malaysian. They are off the grid in every sense- living in stilted houses atop coral reefs. These people will be among the first to permanently lose their homes (and most likely their way of life) as sea levels rise. I found some villages of sea weed farmers, and you will notice their method, particularly in the aerials. Speaking of which- I was finally able to get a helicopter after waiting in limbo for four days. But the timing was the best possible window of weather for the entire five days! I continued to shoot from my plane’s window seat on my way to Sydney, via Kuala Lumpur. The huge cumulus clouds are typical of the tropics. They contain an amazing amount of energy, and as night falls provide spectacular lightning shows. You will notice a river flowing red with sediments from inland- obvious signs of further rainforest clearing to make way for palm oil plantations.

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Patagonia Photo Tour, May 2013 Participants Gallery

-Arjen Sundman

-Bob Johnson

-Victoria Braden


“I have been extremely fortunate to travel and learn from Art on several occasions. Every opportunity that I’ve had to listen to him I’ve learned new things, even as recently as the Patagonia workshop. Art has transformed how I perceive a photograph. He’s worked with me in the field to get it in the camera, and has shown me stronger ways to create a compelling image in the critiques. The series of lectures that Art presents always deliver strong compositional tools which can be applied while out photographing as well as in the editing process. Art is a great teacher. He is generous with his knowledge, engaging in getting you to see creatively, and provides positive and enthusiastic feedback.”

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On Location: Semporna Islands, Malaysia

Malaysia #1 – Images by Art Wolfe

After a few hiccups in getting here, I finally landed in Tawau, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. Following an early breakfast and a 45-minutes boat ride to Sabah Park’s jetty at Bohey Dulang, my journey to observe and photograph the unique culture of the oceanic Bajau people was coming to fruition. The islands of Maiga and Bodgaya serve as home to not more than 30 families of Bajau sea gypsies who adapted themselves to settle in stilt houses- though some still prefer to spend more time out in the sea!

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Bay Area Cool

Bay Area, California – May 2013 – Images by Art Wolfe

Last week I was in the Bay Area doing a Google Talk with Nik. My talk will be posted within the next couple weeks.

Later I was walking in a San Francisco neighborhood and saw two red macaws flying out over the city and I followed them down to this local park. There I met the man who had raised them and allows them to free fly out over the skyline. While in the park several people showed up making soap bubbles with wands and rope to the delight of onlookers- and me. Just something fun about bubbles! Finally, what’s a trip to SF without crossing the Golden Gate Bridge for some photos from the famous Battery Spencer vista point.

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Travels To The Edge U.S. Cities Airing List May 2013

Art Wolfe Travels to the Edge Logo

For all our “Travels To The Edge” fans out there, here is the list of U.S. cities airing through May 2013.  Check your local Public Television station for times.

>>TTE US Airing April-May 2013

>>Travels To The Edge

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On Location: Siena

Siena – Images by Art Wolfe

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On Location: Springtime in Tuscany

Tuscany – Images by Art Wolfe

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