Patagonia Photo Tour, May 2013 Participants Gallery

-Arjen Sundman

-Bob Johnson

-Victoria Braden


“I have been extremely fortunate to travel and learn from Art on several occasions. Every opportunity that I’ve had to listen to him I’ve learned new things, even as recently as the Patagonia workshop. Art has transformed how I perceive a photograph. He’s worked with me in the field to get it in the camera, and has shown me stronger ways to create a compelling image in the critiques. The series of lectures that Art presents always deliver strong compositional tools which can be applied while out photographing as well as in the editing process. Art is a great teacher. He is generous with his knowledge, engaging in getting you to see creatively, and provides positive and enthusiastic feedback.”

2 Responses to “Patagonia Photo Tour, May 2013 Participants Gallery”

  1. Ruth L. Love says:

    Your Patagonia photos, August 15, were wonderful. Were these taken in Chile, in Torres de
    Paine or somewhere else? We were there in 2000 and had marvelous time trooping about
    and taking it all in, while still young enough to do it. Thank you

  2. Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

    Hi Ruth-
    We visited both Torres del Paine and Glaciares NP in Argentina on that trip. Both are great!

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