There is still time to sign up for Art Wolfe’s informative, entertaining, enlightening, engrossing, engaging “Art Of Composition” seminar.

This event is next weekend on Sunday, May 5th in Portland, OR.

Spend the day with Art as he teaches what he knows so well. You will gain a whole new set of tools and a broadened vision for your images.


Without hesitation it was the best photography workshop I have ever attended. By best I mean he combines the finest qualities of artist, photographer and teacher (including the ability to entertain), which is a rare combination today.

~Laurie Naiman

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On Location: Siena

Siena – Images by Art Wolfe

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On Location: I Gatti della Toscana

I Gatti di Toscana – Images by Art Wolfe

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On Location: Springtime in Tuscany

Tuscany – Images by Art Wolfe

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On Location: Roma: The Eternal City

Italy 2013: Roma – Images by Art Wolfe

Just a little travelog on the way to the PODAS workshop.

Rome embraces ancient and modern together in a beautiful dance of architecture, plants, art, graffiti, and culture with the unique verve of life in its people.

Today is Earth Day, 2013.  I love this planet!

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On Location: Germany

Germany April 2013 – Images by Art Wolfe

I had a layover in Germany before heading on to Italy for the PODAS photo workshop in Tuscany http://podas.info/workshop-calendar-2/podas-tuscany-2/

Wetzlar is a very photogenic city on the Deutsche Fachwerkstraße or German Timber-Frame Road.

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Myanmar 2013 Participant’s Gallery

Dan Rosen
Oded Shulsinger
Robert Levy
Steven Grimm
Susanne Düggelin

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National Park Week April 20-28

Get out to your National Parks the week of April 20-28, 2013 for a dose of reality, a breath of fresh air and a good view of our tax dollars at work. Entrance fees are waived from Monday, April 22 to Friday, April 26. The parks are inviting you to experience all they have to offer.


Here are a few places I’ve been to that can give you some ideas.

Glacier National Park

Smoky Mountains National Park

Lake Clark, Alaska National Park

After your visit, share your experiences, photos and videos here:


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I was Jim Whittaker’s paperboy

Jim Whittaker is all about this place. Growing up in Seattle gave me the good fortune to be in the same neighborhood as the Whittaker family and I delivered newspapers to their home. Jim was an early model for me when I began discovering the majesty of the mountains and landscape of the Northwest. To watch him go on to Mt. Everest was a huge inspiration and stuck with me. I was eventually given an opportunity to travel to the Himalayas, which changed my life. Congratulations on 50 years!  Thank you, Jim!

>>Jim Whittaker (Seattle Times)

Mountaineers is hosting two events for legendary climbers Jim Whittaker & Tom Horbein. Both men were huge inspirations for me. These events raise vital funds for Mountaineers conservation and stewardship programs. I am donating a place in my upcoming Seattle Art of Composition workshop and a copy of my book “THE HIGH HIMALAYA”” for their auction.

This event is sold out: http://www.mountaineers.org/everest50/default.cfm

But tickets for the presentation and book launch on May 22 with Tom Hornbein and author Jon Krakauer are still available: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5431034370#

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Collaborations For Cause – Conference

Blue Earth Alliance and Ecotrust are bringing photographers, activists, NGO’s and communication professionals together to discuss the collaborative future of storytelling in Portland April 26-27. Early-Bird sign-up ends April 12. Sign up today and ….read more


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