I was Jim Whittaker’s paperboy

Jim Whittaker is all about this place. Growing up in Seattle gave me the good fortune to be in the same neighborhood as the Whittaker family and I delivered newspapers to their home. Jim was an early model for me when I began discovering the majesty of the mountains and landscape of the Northwest. To watch him go on to Mt. Everest was a huge inspiration and stuck with me. I was eventually given an opportunity to travel to the Himalayas, which changed my life. Congratulations on 50 years!  Thank you, Jim!

>>Jim Whittaker (Seattle Times)

Mountaineers is hosting two events for legendary climbers Jim Whittaker & Tom Horbein. Both men were huge inspirations for me. These events raise vital funds for Mountaineers conservation and stewardship programs. I am donating a place in my upcoming Seattle Art of Composition workshop and a copy of my book “THE HIGH HIMALAYA”” for their auction.

This event is sold out: http://www.mountaineers.org/everest50/default.cfm

But tickets for the presentation and book launch on May 22 with Tom Hornbein and author Jon Krakauer are still available: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5431034370#

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