Happy Father’s Day!

BLOG: Happy Father’s Day 2011 – Images by Art Wolfe

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Between Heaven And Earth Vancouver, BC

Intro to Between Heaven and Earth from Art Wolfe on Vimeo.

Between Heaven and Earth is Art Wolfe’s favorite presentation to give. Watch this introduction to see a selection of the images he includes and hear why he loves to give this presentation.

Art will be presenting this full presentation in Vancouver, BC on August 6.


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Merci Montréal!

BLOG: Montreal May 2011 – Images by Art Wolfe

Last weekend I was in Montreal to give my presentation of “Between Heaven and Earth” for Photo Life magazine. It’s a beautiful city and I spent a few moments relaxing and photographing families and kids playing in the fountains of Place des Festivals.

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Kumbha Mela Part II


Pandit Rajmani Tigunait’s story on the Kumbha Mela continues in the summer issue of Yoga International. Again, Art’s photos are featured in this personal journey into the world of sadhus and yogis and the collective consciousness.

CLICK HERE for a PDF of the Article.

CLICK HERE to read Part I of this story.

*Yoga International is an award-winning, independent magazine that contemplates the deeper dimensions of spiritual life—exploring the power of yoga practice and philosophy to not only transform our bodies and minds, but inspire meaningful engagement in our society, environment, and the global community.

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Upcoming Workshop Lake Clark, Alaska

Preview of the Lake Clark, Alaska Workshop from Art Wolfe on Vimeo.

Art Wolfe and Jay Goodrich are leading a workshop to Lake Clark, Alaska this summer. Here is a slideshow of images Art has shot in the area, with Art narrating on why he loves to photograph there.

The workshop accommodations will be at Silver Salmon Creek Lodge. They are in their 24th year under the same ownership.

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Montreal Welcomes Art Wolfe May 22

BLOG: Between Heaven and Earth – Images by Art Wolfe

Photographe de renommée internationale et animateur de série télévisée, Art Wolfe sera à Montréal le 22 mai prochain pour présenter la conférence multimédia « Between Heaven and Earth ».

Organisée conjointement par Studio4Fun et les magazines Photo Life et Photo Solution, cette conférence sera présentée pour la première fois en sol québécois. Sa formule intime permettra aux spectateurs de vivre une expérience inégalée auprès de cette superstar de la photographie de nature!

Avec « Between Heaven and Earth », l’artiste présente le fruit de son aventure dans la région de l’Himalaya qui abrite les plus hautes montagnes du monde, une région littéralement entre ciel et terre. Cette série d’images constitue le travail le plus personnel que le photographe ait réalisé jusqu’à maintenant. La présentation retrace les années de formation de Wolfe et son développement en tant qu’artiste. Elle explore les régions himalayennes de l’Inde, de la Chine, du Népal et du Bhutan; autant de lieux qui ont stimulé l’imaginaire et l’émerveillement du photographe et l’ont conduit à documenter la nature sauvage de façon créative et sensible.

Une période d’échange avec le public suivra la présentation; une occasion unique d’en apprendre plus sur ce grand maître de la photographie de nature.

Les places sont limitées! Réservez la vôtre maintenant!
La conférence est présentée en anglais.

English Translation available at this site.

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Workshop participant:Michael Rainwater

Michael Rainwater just got back from China with Art. His reflections:

Over thirteen days, we travelled to some of the most spectacular scenery in southeastern China – from the Yellow Mountains (Huang Shan) to the rice terraces of Yuan Yang to the Li River, near Guilin. We all came back with images that we are very happy with. I, for one, am ready to go back again, especially to the Yellow Mountains. Though we were able to catch glimpses of rural life in the hill tribe communities, it is obvious that China is changing and modernizing much faster than any of us expected. The time is approaching when it will be difficult to find the “old” China at all. This has been a wonderful experience that was greatly enriched by the instruction and guidance we received from both Art and Jay. These guys are masters.

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CHINA 2011Guilin

BLOG: China Workshop / Guilin – Images by Art Wolfe

The weather for last two days of our China workshop were a bit dreary, but the subdued light always makes for saturated color. We finally got the mist in Guilin that we had hoped for earlier in the trip in Huanshan. The precipitous karst mountains are at their moody best wreathed in fog and the spring greens of the bamboo are fully evident. We also revisited the marvelous fishermen who still fish with trained cormorants on the Li River.

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CHINA 2011Yunnan

BLOG: China workshop / Yunnan – Images by Art Wolfe

For the last 11 days I have been conducting a travel workshop in the heart of China to some of my favorite locations. While the large landscapes have been spectacular, I have been trying to open up my participants to a new way of seeing–looking for the unexpected. The following photos show some of my best images from the past few days, among these include, mud spattered cars that recall the paintings of Jackson Pollock, various wall details that highlight the residue of previous signage, and finally, the bittersweet encounter with a group of trained macaques.

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CHINA 2011Huang Shan – Part II

BLOG: china Workshop / Huang Shan – Images by Art Wolfe

The weather has been beautiful in Huang Shan, but not conducive to good photography. Without good light, there is a whole lot of nothing going on. In spite of this and the huge volume of tourists that now come here, these mountains remain spectacular. We are heading off to the rice paddies south of Kunming & hoping for better shooting conditions.

More info on Luminous Landscape.

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