Sneak peak Scarlet Ibis

Brazil: Scarlet Ibis – Images by Art Wolfe

Due to limited connectivity, I am only able to upload a few photos from my current trip to Brazil. The last time I photographed scarlet ibis was in the early 1990s for my book Migrations. It is terrific having the opportunity again to capture these birds with superior technology.

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Still Working on Firsts

Pumas – Images by Art Wolfe

It has become a year of firsts for me: in Japan I was able to photograph the Steller’s sea eagles for the first time, and now when I am in Chilean Patagonia, I have been able to photograph Southern South American pumas and their cubs. A couple of these photos will surely find their way into my next book project for 2014.

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On Location: Snowy Owls & Sandhill Cranes!

Snowy Owls – Images by Art Wolfe

Only a few days home from a six week long trip and I was growing antsy to get out and photograph. I grabbed a couple friends and we headed north to the George C. Reifel Wildlife Sanctuary in hopes of a snowy owl sighting. We saw only two—the last of the hungry winter migrants from the north. Like me they were antsy to start their own return journey & I photographed one individual testing out its wings. One of the other great charms of Reifel are the resident sandhill cranes. This is where I’ve always had the best opportunity to photograph these beautiful birds up close.

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On Location: Japan Steller’s Sea Eagles and Whooper Swans

Japan: Steller’s Sea Eagles & Whooper Swans – Images by Art Wolfe

Hokkaido is glorious in the winter. The starkly beautiful landscapes are punctuated with active and athletic wildlife. I have been wanting to photograph the magnificent Steller’s sea eagle for years, even decades, and finally, finally was able to on this trip!

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On Location: Japan Monkeys and Cranes

Japan: Monkeys & Cranes – Images by Art Wolfe

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2013 WORKSHOPS Led by Art Wolfe

Here is the lineup of workshop offerings in 2013. If you haven’t had the experience of an Art Wolfe seminar or field workshop, make sure to check these out to satisfy that bucket list. Art’s workshops are one-of-a-kind and the testimonials are over the top when participants describe their experience.

Art is about to lead 2 workshops in Myanmar and Japan. These are sold out. So let’s review what is ahead.


March 24 – April 3. Spectacular Patagonia! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to visit one of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth with one of the consummate nature photographers in the world. Iconic places like Torres del Paine National Park, Mount Fitzroy,and Los Glaciares National Park. Patagonia offers unparalleled photo opportunities. Join us on this unforgettable photographic tour!
This is coming up soon. There is one slot open in this workshop.



June 28-30.
Work in Art’s backyard with his expert assistants and learn the finer points of maximizing early morning and late afternoon light. We will shoot at some of the most beautiful locations in Western Washington, including Hurricane Ridge, Sol Duc River Valley, Salt Point and Lake Crescent. We will spend most of the daylight hours photographing in the field, and schedule photo critiques in the evening after dark. This annual workshop fills quickly!



September 4-14. Namibia lies on the The West coast of Africa. This is the most effective way to take in the immense scenery, culture and wildlife of this sparsely populated and rich landscape. Top-drawer accomodations and private charters maximize the time you spend photographing.
Plus – Art will transform your photography.



Sept. 15-27.
This is a rare opportunity to spend time with Art Wolfe on an African Safari with the highest level of accomodations. Our focus is Big Cats (leopards, lions and cheetahs) and Elephants in South Africa and Botswana. A wide variety of wildlife surrounds this extraordinary location.


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On Location: INDIA 2013 Bandhavgarh Day 2

India 1/2013 #2 – Images by Art Wolfe

Day 2 in Bandhavgarh National Park. When you are here, it is always about the tigers, but there are many other inhabitants that populate this beautiful landscape.

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On Location: Brown Bears!

Lake Clark Bears August 2012 – Images by Art Wolfe

We just completed a tremendous photo tour in Alaska’s gorgeous Lake Clark National Park. Access to brown bears here is unequaled.

Next year the workshop will be led by Jay Goodrich & Gavriel Jecan. If you are interested in getting on their mailing list, please contact

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Travel with Art to Brazil’s Pantanal

BLOG: Pantanal Workshop July 2012 – Images by Art Wolfe

There is still time and there are still a few spots left on this incredible adventure, as shown in my TV series Travels to the Edge.

The Pantanal offers a wetland environment like no other on the planet. At 54,000 square miles you could hide the whole of the Florida Everglades in the center and never find them. It’s no secret that I love photographing wildlife and the Pantanal offers some of the best avian photography anywhere. While the Amazon rain forest may be larger, the Pantanal has a concentration of wildlife that allows you to see (and photograph) 100 times more birds and animals than you ever would in the Amazon. I chose the Pantanal for my TV show for this very reason.

You will have the chance to photograph capybaras and caimans and many of the 400 species of birds that live in the Pantanal. Nearly a quarter of these birds weighing in at over a pound (1.6kg) – which is a pretty big bird when you stop to think about it. We may even get to see Giant Otters (big as a grown man) and Giant Anteaters. If you’ve seen the episode of “Travels to the Edge” from this region you have some idea of what you’ll be in store for. But don’t worry, when it comes to the caimans, we’ll keep a respectful distance (this time).

Through traveling to photograph wildlife, I have been blessed with getting to know some of the most interesting and diverse cultures around the world. For this tour, I have scheduled visits to two working Brazilian ranches so we can get a taste of what it is like to pull a living from this land and call it home. To visit a country without getting to know the people is an incomplete story for me. There is so much to be learned from others who share this earth with us but have different perspectives and unique viewpoints. Seeing the challenges they face can bring a new perspective to our own lives.

And if you’re not hooked yet… on my previous trips I have stumbled across a very remote corner of the Pantanal where there is an incredible opportunity to see Jaguars in the wild. This particular group has become habituated to seeing people much like some of the lion troops you would see on safari in Africa and they no longer instinctively retreat and hide in the dense forest. It may take a while to swallow your heart back down from the middle of your throat, but seeing a Jaguar in the wild is a experience you will never forget.

I hope to see you there in July!

>>CLICK HERE for the trailer of TTE episode.

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Garden for Wildlife Month

Art’s Yard – Images by Art Wolfe

May is Garden for Wildlife Month!

Get your yard certified as wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. Mine is!

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