Fundraiser for the Southwest Seattle Historical Society

On Wednesday, February 11, I will be giving a benefit for the Southwest Seattle Historical Society. I will share little-known early photos of West Seattle, as well as some of my most famous works.

This is an exclusive event at the historic Colman Estate, an Arthur Loveless-designed English revival estate in West Seattle. Each individual or couple will receive a
copy of Earth Is My Witness, which I will personally inscribe. Also included is a signed,
8-by-10-inch photo, suitable for framing, that depicts the Madrona trees of my beloved Lincoln Park.

For information on the event, please call Clay Eals, Executive Director, at 206-484-8008, or e-mail

Can’t make it to the event? Plan a visit to the Loghouse Museum on Alki, the “birthplace of Seattle”.

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Highlights From my newsletter

Seattle skyline, including Mount Rainier, Washington

I am back in Antarctica–well, nearly, as the weather has been preventing us from flying to the icy continent and we are waiting in Punta Arenas for a break. I thought I would share some of the highlights from the newsletter sent out last week, including our hopeful rendition of the 12th Man flag flying atop the space needle. Our team may not have won the game, but the cities support will not recede!

I hope you have had a chance to check out the streamlined events page (formerly workshops) which covers everything from presentations to safaris. I particularly like the map view of all the events I have scheduled. Take a look and join me on a trip or take a seminar! Did you notice the addition of an Exclusive Svalbard Tour this summer?

For those of you in Florida I have a couple terrific events coming up at the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Fine Art: an Earth Is My Witness presentation and an Art of Composition seminar. There is a $40 discount for MOAFL members.

My friend and colleague Cristina Mittermeier is looking for photographers, people who are passionate about nature and photography, to participate in the Por el Planeta photo competition. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what matters is your willingness to give your best for conservation. Sponsored by National Geographic, Televisa, and the Secretaria de Turismo of Mexico, Por el Planeta will allocate over $300,000 in prize money for the winners & all profits will be donated to conservation initiatives. Submissions close March 27, 2015.

Near the end of Earth is My Witness are the photo notes for all the images in the book. I had several requests for a separate copy of them for easier reading while viewing the pages of the book. We are now offering a download of the photo notes, and by entering the coupon code 1.2015newsletter, at no extra cost!

On to new discoveries and new destinations in 2015! Best of light to all of you.

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2014 Year in Review

With the publication of Earth Is My Witness, 2014 was a highlight year in my career. So much energy and time was put toward this mega project that to see it finally in published form gives everyone at Art Wolfe, Inc. an enormous sense of accomplishment. Earth Is My Witness was launched at an event at the California Academy of Sciences.

Earth Is My Witness Pub Date October 15, 2014 Photography by Art Wolfe Introduction by Wade Davis Hardcover | 11x14 inches | 356 pages Preorder special: my travel schedule slowed down somewhat, I did find myself in India twice—particularly in Ladakh, searching for the elusive snow leopard. I saw several, but at great distances. Regardless, it was a tremendous experience in a rugged and elemental landscape. Next up were Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, Alaska’s Glacier Bay and Katmai National Parks, and Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago. After teaching a couple workshops in Oregon and Washington, I headed off to Kenya, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea to make a series of specials for Australian TV. In November I joined Denis Glennon and Frans Lanting in South Georgia Island and Antarctica. Then Iceland’s Bárðarbunga volcano beckoned and I answered its call. It’s been erupting since August and shows no sign of slowing down. My final trip of the year to East Africa straddled 2014-2015.

My prints were featured in the “Pristine Russia” traveling exhibit and “Power of the Image” exhibit in Beijing. I had two gallery openings this year: The Konica Minolta Gallery featured my work in January. My work is also hanging in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History as part of the Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards Exhibition.

On the awards front, Human Canvas was selected for the Graphis Photography Annual. Earth Is My Witness was named a “Best Photo Book of the Year” by American Photo magazine. I was honored be included in the UK magazine Professional Photography as part of their 100 Photography Heroes special issue.

Travels to the Edge continued to air around the world, including a first-time run in France as Voyages Au Bout Du Monde Avec Art Wolfe.

If you find yourself in Seattle, please do not hesitate to drop by my gallery. As always, please keep an eye on for the latest updates. Wishing you and yours a bountiful New Year!

-Art Wolfe
Explore. Create. Inspire.

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Earth Is My Witness in the Press

Rice terraces, Yunnan Province, China Please call 888-973-0011 or email to license this image or purchase a limited edition print.  Rice terraces, Yunnan Province, China Hill tribes have laboriously contoured the steep slopes into terraces for intensive rice production. At first glance this landscape resembles an enormous stained glass window.

Earth Is My Witness continues to garner accolades & it’s not too late to order for the holidays!

Amateur Photographer

Popular Photographer


The Oregonian


Earth Is My Witness Pub Date October 15, 2014 Photography by Art Wolfe Introduction by Wade Davis Hardcover | 11x14 inches | 356 pages Preorder special:

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Showcase page on

I haven’t really talked about my new website since it is still a work in progress, but one of the things I really like about it is the Showcase page. In particular, we just put up a new showcase featuring prints available from Earth Is My Witness.

Check it out!

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Earth Is My Witness in American Photo

In their December issue American Photo magazine has selected Earth Is My Witness as a “Best Photo Book of the Year.”

See the October article HERE.

Wolfe’s opus is a conservationist manifesto, reflecting the vast diversity of nature and humankind throughout the world — with few signs of modern society — in a glorious wash of colorful imagery.

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Opening of Windland Smith Rice International Awards Exhibition at the Smithsonian

Cuernos del Paine, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Opening today on the 2nd Floor the National Museum of Natural History Presents the Annual Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards Exhibition.

Within a 4,000 square foot exhibition hall, 60 large-format prints are displayed—some at nearly life-sized proportions—with two accompanying HD videos. Museum visitors are taken along on a virtual global safari and are introduced to the image-makers and their stories from behind the camera lens.

Art is featured as the Photographer of the Year in recognition of his extraordinary body of
work over the past 40 years and the contributions he has made to natural history awareness. “Photographers everywhere are making a difference in the way we see the world and our place in it,” says Wolfe. “Never stop looking: no matter where you are,
there are good photographs to be made.”

Art will be doing a book signing of Earth Is My Witness on November 13, as well as attending the awards presentations that night.

See the full News Release

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Earth Is My Witness Officially Published!

Witness Banner

Earth Is My Witness ships out tomorrow.

Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae), Vava'u, Tonga Tonga is one of the very few places you can actually snorkel within close proximity to whales.   We had just five days on the water and four of them were just too windy and the whales were very shy. In a more outgoing moment, whale swam by and eyeballed me.  It was extraordinary.

Earth Is My Witness presentation & signing at the Morrison Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco October 20

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Upcoming Events in California

Art of Composition in Los Angeles October 18

Art of Composition in San Francisco October 19

Earth Is My Witness presentation & signing at the Morrison Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco October 20

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Outdoor Photographer: Earth Is My Witness

Kudos to Bill Sawalich at OP who has penned a fascinating article about Earth Is My Witness.

Get your special pre-order edition with a print today at my store!

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