Vanishing Act: The Artistry of Animal Camouflage, Available Now

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VANISHING ACT Photographs by Art Wolfe, text by Barbara Sleeper In this revised edition, legendary wildlife photographer Art Wolfe turns to one of nature's most fundamental survival techniques: the vanishing act. VANISHING ACT
The Artistry of Animal Camouflage

Photographs by Art Wolfe, text by Barbara Sleeper

In this revised edition, legendary wildlife photographer Art Wolfe turns to one of nature’s most fundamental survival techniques: the vanishing act. His portraits show animals and insects disappearing into their surroundings, using deceptions, disguises, lures, and decoys to confuse the eye of both predator and prey. Spotting each cryptic animal amid Wolfe’s clever compositions is both a fun and an informative challenge. At a time when many species are performing permanent vanishing acts due to habitat loss and human encroachment, this book showcases the beauty and evolutionary extremes of animal behavior and artfully illustrates the tenacious will to stay alive in an eat-or-be-eaten world.
Softcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Cameron + Company; Revised edition
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 12 x 8.5 inches

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New Travels to the Edge site!

TTEsiteIn the continued efforts to upgrade our websites- the new Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge site is now live! The new site is responsive to tablets and phones, and trailers to the episodes can be watched on any device. Each episode is sorted by geographical region, season and disc for easier viewing. There is an interactive map so you can view episodes based in different areas. And, we are continuing our work on finding funding for additional seasons of the show! Take a peak and let me know what you think. Please email if you find any errors or mishaps.


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Participant Photos from Olympic Workshops

“Each day, Art would present an abstract element (such as “lines”) and clearly articulate how it could be effectively incorporated into the elements of a picture. Then we would travel to a spot chosen not for its beauty but instead for its ease of incorporating the “abstraction of the day” into our own photographs. Art and his assistants were there to answer questions, but the photographs we took were our own creations. Each morning we presented our own work to the group and for Art’s critique. His gentle humor kept the anxiety levels down and made for a great learning experience.”—Mike Colpitts

“Attending Art Wolfe’s Olympic Peninsula workshop was the most inspiring 2 1/2 days I have experienced as a photographer.  The lectures, field time and critique provided a comprehensive learning environment.  Art freely shares techniques and tips from his vast experience and shares them in a fun and memorable manner.  And, his assistants are terrific photographers who provided excellent ideas in the field.  All up, it was a phenomenal workshop — I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and am anxious to sign up for another.”—Ondra Hidley

“This was an amazing workshop that I enjoyed a lot. It was a great honor to meet and work with Art and his team.”—Mathieu Jonkers

“Art and his team taught us how to create photos, not just take photos. He brought out the artist in each of us, teaching us to compose images with our digital cameras as an artist would compose a painting with humor and energy created a wonderful environment of fun and laughter!”—Paige Roberts

“Studying with Art and his team was a fantastic experience. The workshop was full of precise and valuable information delivered with excellent humor. I’m thankful to have been able to study with such a world-class group of educators, and my photography is much better for having done so.”—Liana Lewis

“I appreciated the personal attention everyone received.  In the field Art made sure that I got the most out of each shooting location. In the classes, as well as in the field, Art focused on us seeing things differently. During critiques, he edited our work, transforming the photographs as we watched, which was very insightful. His feedback was enormously helpful and I came away with a better understanding of how to take a more compelling photograph.”—Liz Fanning

“The Art Wolfe Olympic Peninsula Workshop was a tremendous opportunity to learn a great deal about photography in a few short days. We were at the mercy of the weather, and although we had too much sun at times that hampered some of the scenes, and too many clouds that disrupted a potentially awesome sunset, the assistant instructors, who were very knowledgeable and passionate about photography provided valuable insight into the creative process of capturing the most striking features of a scene. Art Wolfe provided a wealth of information on composition, equipment and techniques – and also helped me set-up a shoot in the middle of a rock-strewn stream. The workshop was very worthwhile – and highly recommended. “—Ric Raunio

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Revealing Africa’s Major Elephant Ivory Poaching Hotspots

A study by Sam Wasser, who I’ve had a great working relationship with for several years, has been published in the journal Science that finds the poaching of Ivory in Africa comes from two main sources, including large elephant reserves in Tanzania and Mozambique. You can find out more from the story on NPR’s Morning Edition program or from The Seattle Times article.

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Call for Audience at Art’s New CreativeLive Event

creativelivestillAre you interested in being in-studio during my Maximizing the Potential of Remote Locations: Arctic to Antarctic on Monday June 22 , 2015 from 8AM to 10AM in Seattle? We’re looking for outdoor and nature photographers who want to learn about working in remote locations and how to get the most out of their shoots. Learn what is it like to learn in-person at CreativeLive.

CRLV-BOX-SOLID-CMYK-medIf you would like to be considered, fill out this form. There is a limited amount of seating and CreativeLive will reach out directly if you are chosen to be a part of this workshop.

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Earth is my Witness + Night Fisherman print special

Night Fishermen, Li River, Guangxi, China Lit by lanterns, fishermen along the shores of the Li River prepare their cormorants for an evening of fishing.  A tradition unique to Guangxi in south central China, fishermen have always trained the cormorants to dive after and catch fish attracted to the light of the lantern.

We have a limited quantity of 7×11″ fine art prints of The Night Fisherman available. Each one is hand-signed by Art, suitable for framing, and we are offering them only with Earth is my Witness. If you use the coupon code blog61715, you will get the set for $149. The coupon is only good for this set (select option Book + Print 2) and only while supplies last.

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Tales by Light WILD episode airing this week!

Hello Australia! There are plenty of chances this week to catch the WILD episode of Tales by Light, featuring yours truly.

Find the schedule on Australia Nat Geo TV.

Everyone else- we still hope that this show gets wider distribution. Stay tuned!

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Technique Episode #4: Equipment I Travel With

Traveling with photography gear can be a pain, especially if you are not sure what to bring and what to leave at home. Here are the basics that I take with me on every trip, and it all fits in one backpack! Filmed on South Georgia Island.

Also see this blog post for the latest update on equipment I use.


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New Canon 5Ds

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot with with the new 50.6MP 5Ds while I was teaching a workshop in Olympic National Park. The 5Ds offers much more clarity in the shadow and highlight details while maintaining the convenience of its lighter weight body. This a game changer for packing in a camera with this resolution capability to remote locations where gear weight is an issue.

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Unveiling of “Inferno” at the Rotella Gallery in Las Vegas


I will be at the Rotella Gallery on Wednesday for the unveiling of a one-of-a-kind image entitled “Inferno”. Wine, soft drinks, and snacks will be served.

Where: Rotella Gallery at The Forum Shops at Caesars, Las Vegas
When: Wednesday, June 10th, 5-7pm

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