New Canon 5Ds

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot with with the new 50.6MP 5Ds while I was teaching a workshop in Olympic National Park. The 5Ds offers much more clarity in the shadow and highlight details while maintaining the convenience of its lighter weight body. This a game changer for packing in a camera with this resolution capability to remote locations where gear weight is an issue.

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  1. Steve Miller says:

    Hi Art,
    After attending one of your excellent workshops (on composition in Seattle), reading interviews with you about your work, and enjoying your PBS series, I know you avoid an over-emphasis on gear, with all the associated technical debates that can crowd out what really contributes most to the making of our best images. Still, it was nice to get this informative brief sketch of the equipment you use. And thanks for your continued generosity in sharing your insights and experience with the many of us who care about photographing the natural world.

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