Technique Episode #4: Equipment I Travel With

Traveling with photography gear can be a pain, especially if you are not sure what to bring and what to leave at home. Here are the basics that I take with me on every trip, and it all fits in one backpack! Filmed on South Georgia Island.

Also see this blog post for the latest update on equipment I use.


4 Responses to “Technique Episode #4: Equipment I Travel With”

  1. Bob Carlsen says:

    It’s always good to listen to your videos and watch your show.

    I just returned from the Tetons & Yellowstone with some wonderful wildlife and landscape images. Typically I use the same equipment, 5D M II with a 70-200 f2.8. Sometimes I use a 2x converter when animals are far off. I also have a wide angle like yours. Many times I’ll shoot multiple images to create panoramas in post.

    This trip I tried the Canon 70D with Wifi and 7 shots/sec. I’ll let you know how’s shots turn out after some work in Lightroom and Photoshop. They’ll be on my website within a week.

    Bob Carlsen

  2. Rafa says:

    Good morning Mr. Art Wolfe,
    First of all, congratulations for all his work, is a pleasure to see all the photographs.
    I’m from that on Television de Catalunya (TV3), they began issuing the “Travel limit” series. I found a very interesting series, and I think it was the only photographer to combine photography, nature and how to make these kinds of photographs that I both like it. To understand how the objectives and ways of doing nature photography or social, is very important to me, I learned a lot. I must say that I felt a certain sent to see reportages. I also follow via Facebook and blog.
    What most amazed me about this blog is the photographic material you use. He believed that would take more material, but I have noticed that you are going to fair and appropriate material that is otherwise little. It surprises me! Accustomed to see other loaded photographers, their way of working has surprised me for good.
    You are a reference for me on the subject of photography.
    I wanted to thank you from Barcelona and tell me every day that encourages further out into nature and learn a lot with their techniques.
    Thank you very much !!
    A greeting,
    Rafa Yanes.
    P.S. : Pardon for spelling errors or expression, and I use the Google translator

  3. Scott D. Smith says:

    Hello Mr. Wolfe,
    I have a couple questions for you. First, do you always shoot in Raw, or do you also shoot in Jpeg? Second, what is your program of choice for doing your editing? I am a very long time fan of your work and it has influences me enormously over the years in my work. I thank you for that very much! I just got both seasons of Travel’s To The Edge so I can pour over them again and again. Thanks for everything!

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