Call for Audience at Art’s New CreativeLive Event

creativelivestillAre you interested in being in-studio during my Maximizing the Potential of Remote Locations: Arctic to Antarctic on Monday June 22 , 2015 from 8AM to 10AM in Seattle? We’re looking for outdoor and nature photographers who want to learn about working in remote locations and how to get the most out of their shoots. Learn what is it like to learn in-person at CreativeLive.

CRLV-BOX-SOLID-CMYK-medIf you would like to be considered, fill out this form. There is a limited amount of seating and CreativeLive will reach out directly if you are chosen to be a part of this workshop.

One Response to “Call for Audience at Art’s New CreativeLive Event”

  1. Alan Augustine says:

    Have taken classes from Art and have found them very useful.

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