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May 2011 Shutterbug Magazine
NIK Software Ad

The May edition of Shutterbug magazine has an ad with Art Wolfe’s image from Huangshan.  Art uses the latest version of NIK Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2 to get the very most out of his Black & White images.

For more info about their other great products, go to NIK Software.

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CHINA 2011Huang Shan – Part II

BLOG: china Workshop / Huang Shan – Images by Art Wolfe

The weather has been beautiful in Huang Shan, but not conducive to good photography. Without good light, there is a whole lot of nothing going on. In spite of this and the huge volume of tourists that now come here, these mountains remain spectacular. We are heading off to the rice paddies south of Kunming & hoping for better shooting conditions.

More info on Luminous Landscape.

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CHINA 2011Huang Shan

Images by Art Wolfe

Here are a few images from our first stop in Huang Shan.  You can also follow us on Luminous Landscape as we are posting a narrative there.

Join us.

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Workshop participant:Vaughn Hart


Vaughn Hart traveled with Art to Japan last month. To see more of his photos visit

“Traveling to Japan with Art was a trip I had been wishing to do ever since I saw his Travels to the Edge show on Japan several years ago. This trip exceeded my expectations. Traveling with Art, Gavriel, and our Japanese guides was simply outstanding. It was the hardest trip I have taken as we had to get up around 3 AM many nights to get to our location for sunrise. It was all worth it in the end. We got spectacular light and I feel I made some of my best images on this trip. Our timing for this trip was very fortunate. I arrived after the volcano erupted and left just a few weeks before the earthquake. I really got to see Japan at its best. The people were happy and extremely friendly and helpful. I also feel Art was an outstanding teacher who worked tirelessly everyday to help improve all of our photography.”

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CHINA 2011First Look

BLOG: China Workshop / Shanghai – Images by Art Wolfe

Welcome to another international travel workshop, this time friend and fellow photographer Jay Goodrich is accompanying me to China. For the next 14 days we will be traveling through some of the most industrialized parts of China as well as the most rural. We will get to experience multiple cultures and multiple disciplines of photography. Never wanting to waste any time while traveling abroad, Jay and I decided to head out into Shanghai yesterday to look for unique and interesting compositions throughout the city. Here is what we found. The key here is that by trying to push your creativity beyond the standard vision of just recording what you see, you can walk away highlighting a different perspective of the world for your viewer.

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UK WWF Stamp Set


The Royal Mail has selected Art’s image of a rhinoceros for a World Wildlife Fund stamp set issued today.

Ten species of animal that are presently involved in WWF conservation projects around the globe were selected in addition to the Black Rhinoceros, including an African Elephant, Mountain Gorilla, Siberian Tiger, Polar Bear, Amur Leopard, Iberian Lynx, Red Panda, African Wild Dog and the Golden Lion Tamarin.

The Black Rhino is listed as critically endangered, reaching a population low of 2,410 in 1995 mainly because of poaching.  Since then numbers have been on the very slow rise.

Get your set today and support wildlife conservation efforts!


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EEAW Award!Planting Seeds

BLOG: Pelly Place – EEAW Award – Images by Art Wolfe

I am very proud to announce that the Urban Forestry Project, created by the Green Seattle Partnership in conjunction with Regalis, has won Environmental Education Association of Washington’s Community Catalyst Award. I worked on and photographed for this wonderful project with the students of Gatewood Elementary School and Chief Sealth International High School in West Seattle, my alma mater.  The catalyst project for the Urban Forestry Project was cleaning up and planting trees in the Pelly Place Natural Area with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai. It was truly inspirational.
• The Green Seattle Partnership (GSP) is composed of Seattle-based entities including the Cascade Land Conservancy and Seattle Parks and Recreation. Under their leadership, grant funds were acquired from the US Forest Service with the stated purpose of creating a compelling program that would model educational learning objectives of the Seattle School District and integrate with Seattle Parks’ Environmental Learning Centers.
• The Urban Forestry Project (UFP) is a groundbreaking program that educates and empowers high school, middle, and elementary school students to explore urban forestry issues on lands adjacent to their schools and improve the health of their forests in a sustainable way. Students participate in real-world science by evaluating the habitat, forming a study hypothesis, designing their study, and implementing field investigations based on their research. The UFP provides significant and innovative opportunities for schools to meet state standards, especially in the STEM disciplines. The Urban Forestry Project incorporates multi-grade teaching that begins with high school students conducting scientific investigations that analyze the health of their local forests.

Web links:

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Workshop participant:Becky Jones

In February Becky Jones traveled with Art to Japan. Her thoughts:

It didn’t take me long to realize I was the least experienced of the group and to somewhat, panicked! But my worries were to become non-existent as Art helped me in the field and everyone else on the trip, including Gavriel, pitched in to help me learn more about Lightroom-3 and processing my photos. In the end I learned more on this trip then I have in all the other educational classes I have taken. There is something about riding along on a bus for two hours beside a new friend that is taking the time to show you, on your laptop, how to process your photos for that nights critique. I didn’t even feel bad during the critique as Art pointed out my good points and only what he thought I might do with the photos to improve them. I went home extremely happy as I knew I was now set up to do a much better job of photographing and processing my pictures. I am also signed up for the China trip and can’t wait to try out my new photographic abilities with Art and a new group of what will soon become friends. I had a total blast!!

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Some people are calling us to see who we donate to for aid to disaster-stricken countries. A few suggestions:

Remember when donating, do your homework on any organization you are donating to, watch out for phony names, examine web addresses, and don’t pay in cash.

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CHICAGO:Lecture and WorkshopMarch 18-19

Chicago is host to two great opportunities to be with Art Wolfe this weekend.

First, come hear and see Art’s presentation, Between Heaven And Earth. This is a free event, but registration is required.  Find out more and register at Chicago Photo Safaris. This is on March 18th, 6-7:30pm.  This should get your creative juices flowing, as you are sure to want to sign up for the workshop the following day.

Second, is his Art of Composition seminar in the Chicago suburb of Elgin. Experience the unexpected at this weekend’s workshop.  There are still a few seats left for this one day lecture on Saturday, March 19th.

>>Register now for the workshop!

What people are saying about Art’s seminars and workshops:

Tara Hawkins: This class has opened my heart and soul and eyes to seeing in more aware passionate ways….thank you Art! I’m still trying to soak in all of the incredible energy and new ways of thinking about my camera and how I can use it as an artist’s tool….thank you Art for pouring your heart and soul into what you do and sharing yourself with us lucky folk!

Laurie Rubin Shupp: You are such an inspiration. This morning when I went out shooting, I kept hearing your words of wisdom on what makes a good photo. Thank you so much!

Lori Grimmett: … the art of adding motion (and in a sense, life) to our images is priceless. Thank you for sharing so many great tips and ideas, but above all for inspiring us all and getting those creative juices running again. I can’t thank you enough.

Jessica Marketta: What a great experience I had at this workshop!! Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about composition and forming a beautiful image, but it was so much fun! Meeting Art was fantastic!!!! Still on cloud 9.

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