The Art Wolfe Workshop Experience

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to take a workshop with Art and his instructors, here is a video that should answer all of those questions.

Art Wolfe Photo Workshop – Grand Teton from Rich Reid on Vimeo.

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Better Photography Magazine Features Art

Camargue horses by Art Wolfe

Better Photography, India’s most popular photo magazine, has published a feature article on Art in their September 2010 issue. Have a look at the article in PDF format and visit the Better Photography website.

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Teton Workshop Participants Imagery

Last month Art, Gavriel Jecan, Jay Goodrich and Rich Reid led a group of 13 participants into Grand Teton National Park. Their focus was not on the iconic locations most travel to, but to the lesser known areas, to produce imagery that pushed the boundaries of their artistic expression. Here are some of their images.

And a special thank you to the following participants that forwarded their images for the above gallery:

Bill Feduska

Bob Waid

Rona Zevin

George Grubb

Sue Heinsch

Jennifer King

Mike Colpitts

Steve Turner

Robert Tilden

Don’t forget to visit the Art Wolfe Workshops Website for more information on upcoming events.

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16th Annual Heinz Award Winners

Extreme Ice Survey Poster by James Balog
Extreme Ice Survey Poster © James Balog

Today the winners of the 16th Heinz Awards were announced and photographer James Balog is one of the recipients for his dramatic use of photography to document the devastation of global warming.

If you haven’t seen Jim’s work for yourself, you should.  It is astounding. Visit his Extreme Ice Survey Website.

The Heinz Awards annually recognize individuals creating and implementing workable solutions to the problems the world faces through invention, research and education while inspiring the next generation of modern thinkers.

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Arctic Sanctuary

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the creation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Earlier this year I had the good fortune of be able to review Jeff Jones’ new book on the subject. It is a call to action to protect this sanctuary of wildlife and wildness & beautifully showcases a pristine land caught in the crosshairs of the greatest of human calamities including global climate change and the grim search for energy resources.

arctic sanctuary cover

Jeff Jones began photographing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge landscape in 1990. As the largest single piece of wild land in the U.S.—larger than any national park or national forest and nearly the size of South Carolina—the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is made up of five ecozones: Arctic Ocean coastline, tundra, mountains, taiga, and boreal forest. The book, ‘Arctic Sanctuary’ by Jeff Jones and Laurie Hoyle, shows the great breadth and diversity of this land. The hard-bound, 184-page panoram ic proportioned book (14 X 9 inches) contains over 150 of Jeff’s landscape images, essays by Laurie, and an introduction by Michael Engelhard. The University of Alaska Press will release ‘Arctic Sanctu ary’ on September 15, 2010. The book and companion exhibit will travel the U.S. to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Arctic Refuge. The book is available through the University of Alaska Press, the University of Chicago Press, and Amazon. See more of Jeff’s work at

Barrier Island Arctic Sanctuary

Barrier Island II

ecozone = coast

Barrier islands occur along much of the refuge’s Beaufort Sea coastline. This delicately curved barrier island protects the mainland’s coastline to the south (and upper left) of this scene. The waters outside of the barrier island (right) are deeply rippled by wind; those inside (left) are calm. Such islands afford protection for lagoons, estuaries, and river deltas that provide prime habitat for waterbirds, fish, and marine mammals.

Barrier Island Arctic Sanctuary

Late Evening Break in Rain

ecozone = tundra

During a break in the storm, clouds create a ceiling of light above the tundra on this early August sum mer’s night (10:15 P.M.) The tundra slips treeless from the peaks of the Brooks Range, seen distant in this southward view, down the North Slope to the Beaufort Sea.

Braided River Arctic Sanctuary

Braided River and Alluvial Fans

ecozone = mountains

In a striking display of erosive forces, a river winds (from lower right to upper left of the image) in shades of gun-metal gray and blue between two alluvial fans partially covered with vegetation. The fans, created by eons of erosion, punctuated by occasional flash floods, flow from side canyons to bracket this valley on the north side of the Brooks Range.

Valley View Arctic Sanctuary

Evening Valley View

ecozone = mountains

A valley is rich with summer colors. While the arctic is frozen for the majority of the year, the refuge is bathed with sunlight and bursting with life during the brief summer. In summer, temperatures can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the mountains and southerly ecozones.

Taiga Arctic Sanctuary

Rolling Taiga

ecozone = taiga

The taiga seems to swirl in circular motions up, over and around mounds, mixing the colors of veg etation like red and yellow paints. In the Arctic Refuge, taiga is the transitional ecozone between the rugged mountains to the north and the smoother terrain of the boreal forest to the south. It is a large zone extending over vast tracks of the refuge’s interior, encompassing a variety of topographies and climates.

Creek Mouth Arctic Sanctuary

Creek Mouth

ecozone = boreal forest

A creek, sometimes dry in summer, enters a spruce and balsam poplar-lined river that runs through the refuge’s boreal forest. Though rainfall is relatively low—less than 40 inches annually—the forest is full of lakes, rivers, and wetlands which result from low evaporation and underlying permafrost that keeps water in surface soils.

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California–Land of Resources

California holds 23 federally protected areas. It has the 3rd most visited National Park in the United States-Yosemite. There are 550 miles of coastline along its pacific border. It houses the highest peak in lower North America with Mount Whitney and in the same breath the lowest place in the United States with Death Valley. And, it was the home to Ansel Adams and John Muir two of the most famous nature conservationists our country has ever seen. It is a place worth photographing and just plain exploring.

On the 25th of September, Art Wolfe will be teaching the Art of Composition in San Jose as the first stop of his fall lecture tour. If you live in the vicinity and have an interest in photography sign up to learn how to create photographs that have visual impact and go beyond the typical iconic images seen of places like Yosemite and Death Valley.

BLOG: California – Images by Art Wolfe

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Serengeti Highway?

The government of Tanzania is launching an effort to build a highway across the northern reaches of Serengeti National Park—directly across the path of millions of migratory animals. This would be an ecological disaster for the wildlife as seriously undermine Tanzania’s important tourism trade.

For information and links to articles visit them online.

BLOG: Seregeti Highway? – Images by Art Wolfe

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Yellowstone-New Image and Workshops

Yellowstone Burn Area, Yellowstone Lake by Art Wolfe
Yellowstone Burn Area, Yellowstone Lake © Art Wolfe

On Monday Art, Gavriel Jecan, Jay Goodrich, and Rich Reid arrived in Jackson, Wyoming to start scouting locations for our Grand Teton Workshop. They made a quick trip to Yellowstone to visit a burn area from a wildfire that Art filmed last year. The location was stunning. Here is an abstract that Art shot from that visit. Don’t forget our next instructional event will be in San Jose, CA on September 25, 2010. Art will be speaking about the Art of Composition. There are still spaces left and with a $195 entrance fee why wouldn’t you attend?

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Pakistan Needs Our Help

I have travelled in the Pakistan’s mountainous regions which have been hit very hard by the unprecedented flooding.  These trips were among the most fascinating and rewarding of my life—wherever I went, I was warmly greeted and received by the Balti peoples.  Life has always been exceptionally difficult for these people, and their struggle for survival has become that much worse.

It is important that people put their religious & political ideologies aside and do what is right.  We have so much.  Please donate to your favorite charity sending aid to Pakistan.

Unicef’s website

The Red Cross’s website

BLOG: Pakistan Needs Our Help – Images by Art Wolfe

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William Neill’s New E-Book: YOSEMITE: VOLUME ONE Digital Edition

William Neill's New E-Book: YOSEMITE: VOLUME ONE Digital Edition
William Neill's New E-Book: YOSEMITE: VOLUME ONE Digital Edition

Friend and fellow photographer William Neill has just released a new e-book on Yosemite. The book comes complete with technical info, as well as thoughts from what Bill was thinking when creating the images. You can purchase and download William Neill’s Yosemite Volume One directly from his website.

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