Merci Montréal!

BLOG: Montreal May 2011 – Images by Art Wolfe

Last weekend I was in Montreal to give my presentation of “Between Heaven and Earth” for Photo Life magazine. It’s a beautiful city and I spent a few moments relaxing and photographing families and kids playing in the fountains of Place des Festivals.

3 Responses to “Merci Montréal!”

  1. Denear says:

    I can’t believe I missed your visit to Mtl. Hopefully you will grace our city again in the near future.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. Lovely photos of the kids and the fountain.

  2. Art, I really loved the shots.
    For me, it invoked a personal connection since I was born, raised and lived there for my first 27 years of my life.
    Montréal is the Paris of North America – cosmopolitan and chic on a Saturday evening and yet very down to earth.
    And if you’ve liked Montréal, you will adore old Québec City – narrow streets and cobbled stones everywhere.
    Arts and culture are highly regarded and fostered both privately and publicly by the government of the province of Québec. Oddly enough, not a whole lot of photographers are known from there – they do not have the same kind of recognition as a Karsh or from photographers in America.

  3. Steve Parish says:

    Love your work Art, big fans here in Australia

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