Art Wolfe Next-Generation Photographers Grant Winners

Art Wolfe, Inc., The Luminous Endowment, and the Seneca Family of Companies  is pleased to announce the winners of The 2016 Art Wolfe Next-Generation Photographers Grant. They are…

Dan Mele







Andrew Snyder

Joe Sulik







Todd Amacker







Jennifer Adler







Grant Ordelheide







Gabby Salazar

Female swallow-tailed nightjar (Uropsalis segmentata), Wayqecha Cloud Forest Biological Station, Andes Mountains, Peru

Benjamin Olson







Their application submissions can be found here.

This was a challenging selection as the judges took into consideration not only the quality of their photographs, but the effort put into their submission and their stories.  This was a very earnest and talented group of applicants and we applaud their success!

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Migrations: Wildlife in Motion Published Today!

Migrations Book (2016) by Art Wolfe

Photographer Art Wolfe Releases 99th Published Work

SEATTLE, WA — Today, photographer Art Wolfe is releasing his 99th published work, Migrations: Wildlife in Motion. Inspired by the imaginative spatial designs of Dutch artist M.C. Escher, photographer Art Wolfe traveled the globe in search of similar patterns in nature. The result is a book of remarkable wildlife images that captures both the beauty and the poignancy of animals on the move.

Migrations: Wildlife in Motion (Earth Aware Editions, April 6, 2016, $35 hardcover) draws the reader into the energy, motion, and enduring spirit of life on the planet. The stunning images capture the delicate balance of our ecosystem, conveying the primordial stirrings that prompt a flock of snow geese to head south, monarch butterflies to bejewel a forest, or a colony of Indiana bats to snuggle in tight hibernation.

Kenya, Japan, South George Island, the Canadian Arctic, and the Ozarks are among the locations that create the backdrop for Wolfe’s dramatic artistry as he showcases “classic migrators,” the beauty of their trek, the splendor of the patterns they create, and the cycles they are compelled to repeat.

Over the course of his forty-year career, award-winning photographer Art Wolfe has worked on every continent and in hundreds of locations. His photographs are recognized throughout the world for their mastery of color, composition, and perspective, and his
photographic mission is multifaceted—art, wildlife advocacy, and journalism all inform his work.

Counting all editions of his published work, Migrations will be Art’s 99th in his magnificent collection. It will surely inspire nature photographers, travelers, and animal lovers alike. The release of his 99th book also begs the question: What will be his 100th?

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First Quarter 2016 Images

Take a virtual trip today and check out a selection my new imagery taken between January 1st and March 31st. Locations include Antarctica, India, Laos, California, Washington State, Florida, and Cuba.

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Print of the Month April 2016: Angle of Repose

Double-Crested Cormorants taken at Hood Canal, Washington, USA
Double-Crested Cormorants taken at Hood Canal, Washington, USA


Double-Breasted Cormorants and a Great Blue Heron stand guard atop wooden sentinels overlooking the Hood Canal as Common Goldeneye ducks swim below. I’m very fortunate to have traveled the globe over the course of my career, yet some of my favorite images happen to come from my own back yard.

Save 20% on any Angle of Repose print purchased this month. These Limited Edition prints are printed on EPSON Somerset Velvet watercolor paper using archival EPSON Ultrachrome inks. After each print is approved, it is then titled, numbered, and I sign each one. Only 150 of each size will be made. Get more information about my Fine Art prints here.

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