Location Whiplash

As a juxtaposition to my September trip to Wyoming, I just returned from a great trip to East Africa, which included Amboseli, Lake Natron, Mahale. So, I begin with these photos from Amboseli National Park, Kenya. Enjoy!

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Fall in Wyoming

Late September is a gorgeous time to be in Wyoming. The air is crisp with fall, the aspen leaves are fluttering golden in the breeze, and the wildlife is out browsing and fattening up for the harsh, but beautiful, winter.

The Photographic Society of America invited me to Jackson, Wyoming, to present at their annual conference. I was able to take the time to catch some favorite spots in Yellowstone National Park, and then teach another successful workshop in Grand Teton National Park. The week was capped off by doing aerials over the jade & sapphire waters of Grand Prismatic Spring.

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Worst Advice Ever

What is the worst advice you ever followed?

For me – early in my career people told me not to bother going to India – they said it had nothing to offer and I should focus elsewhere. So for over a decade that’s what I did. Worst advice ever!

Once I finally saw India with my own eyes—I’ve been back just about every year since and I’ve still just scratched the surface it’s beautiful, complex and wonderful variety of culture, nature, landscape and wildlife.

I’ve added a new photo tour for India in January/February 2016 that can either be just one week or over two depending the time you have. I’ll be taking you along an extraordinary route that combines the best of Inida, full of lore and splendor, punctuated by diverse photographic attractions.

The Kumbh Mela is a rare mass pilgrimage when Hindus from all over the world journey to bathe in the sacred river Ganges. It is considered to be the largest peaceful gathering in the world. I have been to several Kumbhs and can help effectively navigate you through this large and colorful congregation of pilgrims, yogis, and sages. Following the Kumbh we will travel to Ranthambore National Park where a highlight will be the chance to photograph elusive tigers and leopards and other rare wildlife.

Secret, Sacred and Wild India Workshop
January 25, 2016 – February 2, 2016

I hope to see some of you there! And if not with me, just put India on your bucket list regardless. That’s my advice!

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Win a Free Olympic Peninsula Workshop with Mylio

bhmylioTry Mylio and enter to win a free trip to my Olympic Peninsula Workshop! One grand prize winner will join me to capture grand landscapes and interpret scenery in the Pacific Northwest’s most breathtaking rainforest. Nine second-prize winners will receive Mylio free for a year.

To be entered to win, install the Mylio trial between October 21-31, 2015. The drawing will be on November 10, 2015.

Visit bh.mylio.com to try out Mylio and enter to win.

No purchase necessary. Some rules and restrictions may apply.

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Third Quarter 2015 Images

July 1st to September 30th of this year was manic, photographically speaking: the Palouse in Eastern Washington, brown bears in Alaska, aerials in Iceland, polar bears in Svalbard, fall color in California’s southern Sierra, and then back home in Washington state to the solitude of Mount Rainier.

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L’Art du Camouflage Published in France Today!

L'art du camouflageDans ce livre, le légendaire photographe animalier Art Wolfe se tourne vers l’une des techniques de survie les plus fondamentales de la nature : l’art du camouflage. Ses portraits montrent les animaux et les insectes disparaissant dans leur environnement, en utilisant des supercheries, des déguisements, voire des leurres, pour se confondre et ainsi tromper l’œil à la fois des prédateurs et des proies.

À une époque où de nombreuses espèces sont obligés de se camoufler pour lutter contre la perte de leur habitat mis en danger par l’homme, ce livre met en valeur la beauté et les solutions extrêmes auxquelles les animaux doivent recourir pour s’assurer de rester en vie dans un monde où il faut manger pour ne pas être mangé.

Repérer dans chaque photographie l’animal caché est un jeu à la fois plaisant et instructif, tant les compositions de Wolfe sont habiles et trompeuses.

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New Katmai Bears Trip Scheduled

In Alaska's Katmai National Park, there are abundant sock-eye salmon in the rivers and abundant bears hungry for them. Here a brown bear bounds and splashes after a school of the red fish.

It is the last frontier, a place where wild dominates humankind. A place known as the land of the midnight sun, here alpenglow lasts for hours, not minutes. Imagine venturing into this wilderness where the brown bears do not fear humans, where the minimal human population has learned and adapted to live in harmony with them. The bears rule, not only because they are strong, large, and on the top of their food chains, but because the humans believe that they should. Now imagine being able to capture photos of these magnificent creatures from 15 feet away. This is Alaska!

All aspects of outdoor photography will be covered, including composition, field techniques, technology, and the unique philosophy of this highly specialized profession. There will be informative lectures, rigorous critiques and portfolio reviews. Instead of concentrating only on f-stops and equipment, we will work on composition, imagination, and the control of every element in the image. We do more than just take you to the location; we help you to maximize your creative and technological skills as a photographer.

Katmai, Alaska Photography Workshop
Led by Art Wolfe
July 27th – August 1st, 2016Limited to 8 participants

Click through to the events page to read more.

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Recent Photos from the Southeastern Sierra

I recently led a workshop in the Southern Sierra in California. The fall color put on quite a show, with the aspen trees being a particularly stunning subject to photograph. We also found a lake full of coots, worked on abstracts in Bodie State Historical Park, visited the always fantastical tufas at Mono Lake and stopped at the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest to add more unique texture to the portfolio.

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Everest Expedition, Mount Everest, Tibet
Everest Expedition, Mount Everest, Tibet

Recently I went to see Everest with friends and it took me right back to May of 1996 when the tragedy occurred. People will quibble about the movie being true to life, but that’s not what I am addressing here. The climbing community is tight, especially in a town like Seattle, and I knew Scott Fischer through mutual friends. From time to time he would come to my office to select mountain imagery to promote his company Mountain Madness. As is often the case, I was traveling when the news came from Nepal. Scott’s wife Jeannie arrived with his precious film and my staff was galvanized into action. They assisted her with getting it developed, edited and labeled, and making sure the selects got into a stock photography agency for worldwide distribution. It was one small thing we could take care of that helped her and her two daughters through an agonizing time in their lives.

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EDEN Published in Germany by National Geographic

Eden coverThe German version of Earth Is My Witness, EDEN, has been published by National Geographic:

Art Wolfe ist eine Legende, und dieser großformatige Bildband ist eine unvergleichliche Kollektion seiner schönsten Bilder, wie es sie noch nicht gab. Das Werk des vielleicht berühmtesten lebenden Naturfotografen bringt uns Landschaften, Tiere und indigene Kulturen auf allen Kontinenten näher. Hier sind Momente von einzigartiger Eindringlichkeit und Schönheit zu sehen: der purpurfarbene Himmel über den patagonischen Torres del Paine, Pinguineltern, die sich in perfekter Symmetrie über ihren zwölf Wochen alten Nachwuchs beugen, eine Salzkarawane in der Sahara, ins Meer strömende Lava auf Hawaii oder das rituelle Bad der Sadhus im Ganges. Diese Bilder sind so kraftvoll, dass manche von ihnen zu Ikonen werden könnten oder es schon sind. Dieses Buch ist einen Meilenstein der Naturfotografie – ein Gesamtkunstwerk und Höhepunkt einer bald fünf Jahrzehnte währenden Karriere. Das Buch wurde vom “American Photo Magazine” gerade zum besten Fotobuch des Jahres gekürt.

Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag
396 Seiten
450 Fotos
Format: 29 x 36 cm
ISBN: 978-3-86690-445-3

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