Everest Expedition, Mount Everest, Tibet
Everest Expedition, Mount Everest, Tibet

Recently I went to see Everest with friends and it took me right back to May of 1996 when the tragedy occurred. People will quibble about the movie being true to life, but that’s not what I am addressing here. The climbing community is tight, especially in a town like Seattle, and I knew Scott Fischer through mutual friends. From time to time he would come to my office to select mountain imagery to promote his company Mountain Madness. As is often the case, I was traveling when the news came from Nepal. Scott’s wife Jeannie arrived with his precious film and my staff was galvanized into action. They assisted her with getting it developed, edited and labeled, and making sure the selects got into a stock photography agency for worldwide distribution. It was one small thing we could take care of that helped her and her two daughters through an agonizing time in their lives.

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