Join Me at PhotoPlus Expo

Photoplus International Conference-Expo at Javits Center, New York City Oct. 29-Nov 1

My dance card is full at PhotoPlus International + Expo at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. If you are attending, join me at the following booths & presentations:

Friday, October 31:
1:00pm: Gura Gear Booth
2:45-3:45pm Epson Booth
4:30-6:30pm Human Canvas Master Class sponsored by Leica

Saturday, November 1:
11:30-12:30pm Leica Booth
12:30-1:30 Mylio Booth
2:00-4:00pm Earth Is My Witness sponsored by Leica

For more information on the expo, visit


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Join me for a new webinar

Photographers at sunset, Skagit Flats, Washington

Don’t miss this upcoming webinar where I will talk composition, technique and impact. I will also answer questions and review 20 photographs from the audience!

When: Monday November 3, 2014 at 6pm PST (9PM EST)

Where: Wherever you can connect!

How: Sign-up on and be sure to use the coupon code ‘wolfe‘ to get in for only $7!

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Compelling Image Contest Deadline November 13!


Art Wolfe’s The Compelling Image contest has run over four different chapters in the past year, and the final deadline for Chapter IV will close on November 13.

There’s still time to present your wildlife, nature and landscape work, and to win a prize package that includes a DSLR camera, a $250 Amazon gift card, a $100 B&H gift card, a signed Art Wolfe photo book, a PHOTO+ membership package, and prominent placement in the Winners’ Gallery on All honorable mentions will also be featured in the Shutterlove gallery.

In the evocative spirit of conservation and appreciation, the above image, “Dawn of a New Day” by Long Nguyen, was selected as an Honorable Mention in Chapter II of The Compelling Image.

Need inspiration? Check out the previous winners and honorable mentions here.

Visit for all information on how to enter.

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Opening of Windland Smith Rice International Awards Exhibition at the Smithsonian

Cuernos del Paine, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Opening today on the 2nd Floor the National Museum of Natural History Presents the Annual Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards Exhibition.

Within a 4,000 square foot exhibition hall, 60 large-format prints are displayed—some at nearly life-sized proportions—with two accompanying HD videos. Museum visitors are taken along on a virtual global safari and are introduced to the image-makers and their stories from behind the camera lens.

Art is featured as the Photographer of the Year in recognition of his extraordinary body of
work over the past 40 years and the contributions he has made to natural history awareness. “Photographers everywhere are making a difference in the way we see the world and our place in it,” says Wolfe. “Never stop looking: no matter where you are,
there are good photographs to be made.”

Art will be doing a book signing of Earth Is My Witness on November 13, as well as attending the awards presentations that night.

See the full News Release

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Q3 2014 Images

July 1 to October 1 found me photographing landscapes & wildlife near and far: caribou in Svalbard, Norway; a hummingbird nest in my own backyard in Seattle; brown bears in Alaska; Canon Beach, Oregon; Palouse wheatfields and the sleeping volcano of Mt. Rainier in Washington State; wildlife in Kenya, Uganda, and the Surma people of Ethiopia.

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What’s in Art’s Bag?

***For an updated list of gear I currently use, check out my Gear Page!***

This is a question I get asked all the time, “What sort of equipment do you use?” The answer is usually less than you would expect. In general I shoot with Canon’s 5DS R and 1Dx cameras. For my new Human Canvas photos I am using a Leica S. Digital technology has far surpassed what film was ever capable of and has completely changed the game for what one can shoot in the field.

Where ISO 50 was the norm with film, I am shooting into the 1000s without reservations now. The ability to confirm “you got it” immediately after the shot, zooming in to ensure critical focus, evaluating the histogram for exposure, means that today I shoot far less than I would have in the past. I can shoot half a dozen frames, know I got what I wanted and move on. With slides I may have shot a couple of roles of a single subject before I was satisfied that at least one of the images in the batch would satisfy me later – and later could be several months before I knew what I had.

I have shot the majority of my images with just two lenses over the last few years. Both are “L” series lenses, Canon’s professional designation, the 16-35 f/2.8 L II and the 70-200 f/4 L IS. I’ll use extension tubes for macro work with the 70-200 and add in a 1.4x extender for additional reach when I need it as well. These are my workhorses and they are always in my bag regardless of where I’m headed.

While I may have dismissed the middle range in the past, more and more I am finding myself reaching for a 24-105 f/4 L IS.  It is a great walk around lens for shooting in crowded markets, portraits, architecture

On occasion I’ll pack a long lens. Years ago I loved my Nikkor 200-400mm lens for wildlife work; now I use the Canon 200-400 1/4 L IS USM Extender 1/4x.

I’ll also bring a fish eye lens, the 15mm f2.8, for special effects, just to mix things up a bit – but it’s not a lens I would rely on daily by any means.

In addition, I carry a light weight, sturdy carbon fiber tripod. I like Gitzo’s GT3542XLS Carbon Fiber Tripod. They make a fine product and it is light enough that I won’t hesitate to bring it wherever I’m going. I am using a Kirk BH-1 ballhead mounted to a flat plate (no center column). Here is an important tip about tripods – purchase a tripod that is just a little too heavy and you won’t use it. Purchase one with a wobbly center column and you’re better off without it. So spend a little more money up front and you won’t have to do it again for many years. Mirror lock up and a cable release are also a part of the stabilization equation.

Then there are the miscellaneous bits and pieces. An intervelometer for shooting long exposures and stars, circular polarizers for all lenses, a couple of 2-stop, hard step graduated neutral density filters, extra batteries for the camera and intervelometer, hex wrenches, lens cleaning cloths, and of course, a couple of portable hard drives, extra memory cards, and a MacBook Pro. I pack all of this in a Tamrac Anvil 27 bag- simple, lightweight, and effective for me to travel the world.



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Earth Is My Witness Officially Published!

Witness Banner

Earth Is My Witness ships out tomorrow.

Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae), Vava'u, Tonga Tonga is one of the very few places you can actually snorkel within close proximity to whales.   We had just five days on the water and four of them were just too windy and the whales were very shy. In a more outgoing moment, whale swam by and eyeballed me.  It was extraordinary.

Earth Is My Witness presentation & signing at the Morrison Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco October 20

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Critique Class NYC

What: Assignment & Assessment Workshop with Art Wolfe
When: October 25-26 4:30-8:30pm, with a meet & greet October 24 at 6pm
Where: The Rotella Gallery in SOHO, New York

Join Art for a critique class at the gorgeous Rotella Gallery in SOHO. Whether you’re an emerging photographer, an aspiring pro about to knock on the editor’s door, a mid-career shooter in search of tactical insight for advancing in business, or simply a keen amateur wanting to become as good as you can, this very special photography course opportunity is one you won’t want to miss. Space is limited.

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Interview with Karen Hutton

Karen Hutton interviewed Art recently at his home in West Seattle

See more of Karen’s videos on her Life Is Light Photography Blog

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Upcoming Events in California

Art of Composition in Los Angeles October 18

Art of Composition in San Francisco October 19

Earth Is My Witness presentation & signing at the Morrison Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco October 20

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