Q3 2014 Images

July 1 to October 1 found me photographing landscapes & wildlife near and far: caribou in Svalbard, Norway; a hummingbird nest in my own backyard in Seattle; brown bears in Alaska; Canon Beach, Oregon; Palouse wheatfields and the sleeping volcano of Mt. Rainier in Washington State; wildlife in Kenya, Uganda, and the Surma people of Ethiopia.

4 Responses to “Q3 2014 Images”

  1. great blog–really like some of the photography!

  2. Terrific shots Art. I am glad I was there for some. I hope I can get some good shots on my next venture!

  3. Wayne Nelson says:

    Time well spent to say the least. As always a spectacular variety of artistic images.

  4. Ivan Cordero says:

    Darn! You have amazing photography. You trully inspire us weekend photographers that wish we lived for the art instead of working for the weekend. Ivan Cordero WildAtPalmas.com

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