New Content Roundup!

We are always looking to bring you new content as much as possible for an on-the-go traveler and his small office staff. While it’s important to get the word out about upcoming workshops and seminars, we also know that entertaining and educational content is always welcome. To that end, we’ve added a new multimedia page with links to videos, podcasts and interviews I’ve been a part of, as well as a press kit with PDF documents for easy download for anyone looking for information on my background.

A new and exciting addition to our content offerings is the Where’s Art? segment. These roughly five minute audio/video segments are hosted by photographer Mitch Stringer, and I answer questions on location giving insight into the places I visit both on workshops and personal shoots. We’ve gotten some great feedback about this segment, so we look forward to keeping it going wherever I may be. Where’s Art? segments could be coming to you from a boat in a remote location of the coast of Greenland, or from my own back yard here on the Olympic peninsula. Either way, you’ll hear the how, why, and what I am looking for – along with images from that location.

Great news for those of you living in Hawaii, or vacationing there this November! We’ve added a date when I will be delivering my Photography As Art seminar in Honolulu. This makes for five more opportunities to catch Photography As Art in 2017:

June 18th – San Francisco
June 25th – Washington DC
November 19th – Honolulu
December 2nd – Dallas
December 3rd – Austin

Some of you have asked about the differences in this seminar and the course I recently taught that is available on CreativeLive. Of course, I recommend you enjoy both! While the online course does a great job of touching on many of the topics in Photography As Art, the full day seminar is an in-depth examination of these concepts along with a discussion and personal experience that simply watching a video cannot give you. This testimonial for Jack in Portland, Oregon does a great job of explaining what you can expect by attending the seminar.

Last but not least, the free outdoor exhibit of my Vanishing Act works, Meisterhaft Getarnt, runs through June 30th in Hamburg, Germany. I also delivered a presentation titled “All In a Life’s Work – The Creative Process of Art Wolfe” at the recent B&H Optic2017 event. You can watch it online.

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned for photos from my recent trip to Point Reyes National Seashore here in California, where I’ve spent a few days photographing before I deliver Photography As Art in San Francsico this Sunday!


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Father’s Day Flash Sale! Need a Gift For Dad?

Father’s Day Flash Sale!

Now through this Sunday 6/18, when you purchase one spot in an upcoming Photography As Art seminar, get a second for 50% off! Add two seminars to your cart in our online store and use code “FathersDayPAA” at checkout, or call us at 1-206-332-0993 to sign up!

Spend the day with Art as he discusses art history, design, and imagination – and how to utilize these elements to turn every day photographs in any location into artistic photographic statements. Change the way you see the world around you!

Photography As Art is coming to the following cities:

San Francisco, California – Sunday, June 18th

Washington D.C. – Sunday, June 25th

Dallas, Texas – Saturday, December 2nd

Austin, Texas – Sunday, December 3rd

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Need a Speaker for your Next Event?

June is the season for speeches! Schedule Art Wolfe for your 2018 or 2019 commencement address or event!

Art is in demand as a keynote speaker around the world. His presentations brim with humor and anecdotes while managing to deliver both an environmental message and the promise that following dreams with determination will lead to a well-lived life. He illustrates his presentations with inspiring award-winning photography displaying an astonishing array of subjects, from intense wildlife images and landscapes to intimate views of cultures almost untouched by civilization.

Art has given hundreds of presentations world-wide, from diverse groups ranging from master gardeners to large companies like IBM – from large-scale global events, to intimate small-group settings. Whatever your gathering entails, you can be assured Art’s presentation of a lifetime of work and world travel will add elements of adventure, insight, and inspiration to your event!

Contact Art’s office for more information on how to book Art Wolfe for your next event!

Photo credits: Tim Riediger, Tobias Friedrich

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Where’s Art? Episode 2 – Abstract Astoria


Episode 1 was a huge success, thanks to everyone who watched, and left comments! This time around I was in Astoria, Oregon teaching my Abstract Astoria workshop. You’ll have to excuse the audio quality, as I recorded in a bunker – but for good reason! Check out the video to find out more!

Thanks again to Mitch Stringer for providing the interview questions. If you missed the first episode of Where’s Art?, you can find that by clicking here!

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Cute Foxes for Monday Motivation!

Before I headed out for a few weeks of traveling, my friend Bill and I made it up to San Juan Island here in Washington to photograph the plentiful foxes in the area. I was exceptionally happy with the variety of color in their coats, and the playful show they put on for us! Remember – be the fox, not the bunny!

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Save 20% on the Print of the Month, June 2017 – Flamboyant Flock

A colorful flamboyance of flamingos congregates in the Lake Natron region of Tanzania, Africa.

Save 20% on any Flamboyant Flock print purchased this month. These Open Edition prints are printed on EPSON Premium Photo Luster paper using archival EPSON Ultrachrome inks. Art signs the print with a silver acid-free pen. Get more information about our Fine Art prints here.

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Where’s Art? Episode 1 – Premier!

My staff and I are always striving to bring you new content whenever possible, and we are proud to present to you a new feature on our site, “Where’s Art?” hosted by Mitch Stringer. Each episode of “Where’s Art?” is brought to you on location, with insightful questions from Mitch along with images from wherever I might be at the time.

Our premier episode is from my recent trip to the Columbia River Gorge with a small group to photograph not only the iconic waterfalls of the area, but also the micro-environments and details that make this part of the world unique.

I hope you enjoy this new segment! Let me know in the comments how you like it!

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June Events Round-Up & Memorial Day Sale!

Photo shoots, seminars, meetings with publishers and galleries – June is setting up to be a very busy month! I just wrapped up a workshop in the Columbia River Gorge photographing waterfalls, and now we begin another edition of Abstract Astoria.

Here’s what’s going on in my world, and perhaps yours if you decide to join a workshop or seminar!

1.) I’ll be in the following cities presenting Photography As Art:

June 4th – Toronto, Ontario
June 11th – Chicago
June 18th – San Francisco
June 25th – Washington DC

2.) On June 5th I will be in New York presenting at OPTIC 2017, the four day imaging conference and trade show about travel & wildlife photography. It’s a free event, but does require registration.

For event information, check out the B&H page.

You can also listen to a podcast previewing the event.

3.) The Vanishing Act / Meisterhaft Getarnt open air exhibit continues through June 30th in Hamburg’s Überseequartier. Admission is free & the exhibit can be viewed 24/7.

4.) In honor of Memorial day, we’ll be offering a special discount on PAA events purchased in June – just use code “PAAMemorialDay” at checkout on any of the PAA events happening in Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, or Washington DC listed above, as well as the events in Austin and Dallas this December and recieve 25$ off!

5.) Lastly, looking a bit ahead to the fall for good reason as spaces are beginning to go – join me in October at my Lake Quinault Photography retreat where we will not only be photographing the lush flora and fauna of the area, but also do some technical work with monitor calibration and EPSON printers for those of you interested in doing your own spectacular prints at home!

Here in Seattle, we’re glad to see the sun (finally) and hope you’re also enjoying the spring and looking forward to summer!


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Technique Tuesday – Using Soft Light in Complex Compositions

It’s no secret that soft, diffuse light is often preferred for great photos unless you’re going for a specific style, look, or feel. This quick video shows one reason why soft light is preferable. not only is the location of this village in Mali complex in terms of the many rooftops and structures, the conical rooftops themselves are textured complex pattern. Add in a busy landscape of brush and trees, and there is quite a bit going on.

Shooting this scene in more direct lighting would create a high contrast graphical image that might be interesting, but you would lose the detail that informs the viewer of the context of this location. Most of the materials used to construct this village are from the landscape it’s built upon. Showing the even tones, hues and cohesive nature in which everything blends together helps capture the symbiotic relationship between the people and the land in a way that a high contrast image with dark shadows and bright highlights simply wouldn’t deliver.


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Cultivate Inspiration at Home: Garden for Wildlife Month

As many of you know, my garden is my anchor and, as much as I can, I work to surround myself with the aesthetic that inspires me and nurtures my soul. When I come home from a trip after being strapped to a plane seat for up to 48 hours, I am bone tired and grumpy. But as soon as I arrive home, I am instantly transported to the nature and art that fills the space where I live. Though the spring weather in Seattle has been rainy and cold, I always find time to work in my yard. I get lost in the process of pruning trees, weeding, and devising new planting schemes. My gardening inspiration comes from my travels, especially in Japan and China.

A small urban yard can be an amazing magnet for wildlife; yards can provide us with connections to the natural world as well as places to play and experiment with photography close to home. Once you have a garden or natural outdoor space at your home, it’s easy to set up a camera and go outside! Gardens can also be useful stress-relievers. Going out and concentrating on the amazing insects that visit the flowers in the garden can put you in a better mood, lifting your outlook on life and nature. Focusing through the camera on a composition of native flowers, or trying to follow a native bee, might just keep you grounded and thankful for the beauty of life all around us.

Show your support for local the wildlife habitat by certifying your garden through the National Wildlife Federation website. They’ll provide you with a list of elements you’ll need to become certified to participate as a certified wildlife habitat.

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