Art Wolfe – UW’s 2024 Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus Award Winner!

It was quite the whirlwind: swapping stories at a private luncheon with UW President Ana Mari Cauce, then a magnificent awards ceremony in Meany Hall where so many talented people were honored for achievements in their various fields, and finally a delicious dinner for all the awardees at the Conibear Shellhouse with Husky Clipper shell of the 1936 Olympic Champions hanging above us. It was extraordinary! Thank you to the UW Alumni Association, everyone who gave their support and attended the ceremony, and to my dates Helen Cherullo and Gregory Green.


4 Responses to “Art Wolfe – UW’s 2024 Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus Award Winner!”

  1. Natala Goodman says:

    THIS is marvelous!

  2. Ken Zaremba says:

    Art certainly is very high on my list of most memorable people I’ve met in my lifetime. Congratulations Art, for a lifetime of giving generously of yourself and your talents to helping and benefiting others.

  3. John Byrnes says:

    Congratulations Art! What an amazing award for a lifetime of dedication to your art, conservation, and to all of the animals you’ve photographed around the world. You are amazing! Can’t wait to be in Alaska with you! Warmest regards, John

  4. Congrats! Your Mt. Ranier Wildflowers look wonderful—

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