Katmai, Alaska Bear Tours Are Almost Full!

Art Wolfe's Katmai Bears in Alaska Workshops 2024

Just a couple of spots remain in my late July and early August Katmai bear tours in Alaska – now is the time to sign up if you’ve been thinking about attending this workshop! For some time now, we’ve been leading two trips here a year. Next year there will likely only be one on the calendar due to scheduling trips for upcoming book projects. I anticipate that sole trip will sell out quickly, so if you want to ensure a spot on this epic trip, why wait?

One of the biggest selling points of our workshop is the amazing support we have on the ground. The team we work with lives and breathes the Alaskan wilderness, and are as familiar as anyone on the planet with the locations and habits of the bears we aim to photograph. With a lodge, our own pilot and meals included, your only job is to pack your gear and make it to Anchorage – we will take care of the rest!

Lets talk about the real reason you go on a trip like this – the adventure into the Alaskan wilderness to photograph the great Alaskan brown bears! While they fish, play, and wrestle they show us all why it’s so important to protect these natural spaces. This is, after all, their home – as familiar and important to them as our own back yards are to us. With great respect, we are in their territory. The unique life-long connection you’ll find you now have to these bears is enriching far beyond our time here. It’s definitely left an impression on me!

Check out photos from last year’s trip, then reserve your spot to come along in July and August!


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