Throwback Thursday – First Wildlife Photo & The Camera Used!

Moose, BC Canada.

One of the early pages of my latest book Wild Lives features the very first wildlife photo I ever captured – a moose in British Columbia. Not the most stellar photo in the world, but significant in that it was the start of quite a journey that I am still on today.

I just received quite the surprise gift in the mail from my good friend, incredible author and fellow Photographer Rob Sheppard – a nice note with this “incredible” shot, along with the same style Kodak Brownie Fiesta Camera that I shot it with. Talk about a blast from the past! These cameras were manufactured in the 1960’s, and you could own one for the reasonable cost of $5.95! If you were exceptionally thrifty, 15 cans worth of soup labels sent to Campbells at the time would also suffice!

What was your first camera and the subject that set you on your photography path? Leave a comment below!

Art Wolfe's first wildlife photo of a moose and the Kodak Fiesta Camera of the type it was shot on.

5 Responses to “Throwback Thursday – First Wildlife Photo & The Camera Used!”

  1. Chuck Davis says:

    Started with Brownie in elementary school – (I’m slightly older than you). In high school graduated to a Kowa (not even sure if that is right name)

  2. Denise Bartels says:

    A kodak 106 that I recieved as a “graduation” from sixth grade (the end of elementary school) present from my parents. The photo was of an old barn that my Dad liked so much he had it blown up and it hung in his living room until he died.

  3. Jon Wolfe says:

    It was a Kodak Brownie and I think I was about 10 years old I took pictures of an eclipse of the sun. I “made” an ND filter by smoking a small piece of window glass with a candle. It worked! I wish I still had the print. It was probably as good as your moose!

  4. Rose Troudt says:

    Hi Art, It was the same camera! Summer of 1971, I had the opportunity to join a high school trip to Bryce, Zion & the Grand Canyon. My Dad loaned me the camera and gave me a few rolls of black & white film for the trip. Arriving at Bryce, I’m sure I wished for color, but was thrilled to have the camera!

  5. Vaughn Hart says:

    Hi Art. My first camera was a Nikormat by Nikon My parents took my brother and I to China in the 70’s right after it opened up to the world. My brother refused to carry his camera so I said I would if he showed me how it worked. I came home with images I loved and still have them hanging in my home. I was hooked!!

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