Sailing South in Antarctica

This trip was the furthest south I’ve ever gotten on a boat to the Antarctic mainland. It was tantalizing close, but we didn’t quite make it there. Hurricane force winds compacted the ice pack and nearly stranded our Ukrainian expedition ship. The captain was able to extricate the ship before it got stuck. This far south we were able to see the massive tabular icebergs and along the Antarctic Peninsula we encountered colonies of Adelie and Gentoo penguins. Enjoy the journey!

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Technique Episode #5: When Using a Tripod is not the Best Practice

You may have heard me and several other photographers say that using a good tripod is one of the easiest ways to take your photography to the next level. While true- there are some situations where it is more practical to get the shots you want without one. Shot on location in Antarctica.

Learn many more tips from Art by taking a workshop!

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Technique Episode #3: Creating Graphic Images

When lining up a background for a subject, make sure to give it a clean background to create a more graphic image. In this example I am trying to shoot a Chinstrap penguin in Antarctica where the snowy backdrop isn’t working to make the white belly of my subject pop.

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Death of a Penguin

Yes, we finally did get out of Punta Arenas! Antarctica was waiting for us with beautiful skies, ice, microflora and of course, penguins. I even started to see them in the patterns of my abstracts. Can you?

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Subantarctic Atlantic Adventure

It already seems long ago, but last month I headed off to Ushuaia, the jumping off point for Antarctica and the remote islands of the southern Atlantic.

The Falklands are home to huge colonies of albatross and the rockhopper penguins.

South Georgia is my favorite place to shoot on the planet.

I guess I can’t get enough of Antarctica! I’ll be heading back there in late January-early February and there were a couple last-minute openings- more information HERE.

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Farewell to Arniston, South Africa

Arniston III – Images by Art Wolfe

Art had a great time with his workshop participants in South Africa. The seaside community of Arniston on the Western Cape was a superb location and now enjoys national monument status.

Also, he was able to get his first shots of the endangered African penguin. These penguins are also called Jackass because of their braying call.

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