Farewell to Arniston, South Africa

Arniston III – Images by Art Wolfe

Art had a great time with his workshop participants in South Africa. The seaside community of Arniston on the Western Cape was a superb location and now enjoys national monument status.

Also, he was able to get his first shots of the endangered African penguin. These penguins are also called Jackass because of their braying call.

One Response to “Farewell to Arniston, South Africa”

  1. Jenny Schneider says:

    It was an absolute honour meeting you at the Johannesburg workshop on 4 April. I was totally inspired as I am passionate about photography, art and travel and I was one of the lucky ones to be able to attend one of your workshops.
    I have a fine arts background as you do and was so excited to discover that you also love working with the human form in a more conceptual way.. You labelled me as one of the “abnormal” ones.. which was a great compliment. I hope I can live up to that! I dream to be able to attend one of your workshops in India or anywhere for that matter.. perhaps one day, but the $/Rand exchange is not in my favour. Many thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

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