Introducing Art Wolfe’s Assignment & Assessment LIVE Course!

I’ve been overwhelmed with the response to Pathways to Creativity, and one of the most requested features from those who have subscribed has been some kind of assignment and critique component. Given that most workshop participants find the critique session of our workshops, doing an online course with assignments and critiques seems like a no-brainer – now’s your chance to sign up!

We will be offering two different time slots recurring at the same time and day for three weeks – a morning option on Tuesday, October 13th at 10 AM, and an evening course at 6:30 PM beginning on Wednesday, October 14th.

Throughout our three Zoom sessions together in a limited group of roughly 10 participants, I will discuss lessons involved in Pathways to Creativity and task participants with a weekly assignment, which we will review as a group and learn from one and other. These group reviews are in my opinion the very best way to improve as a photographer!

Subscribing to Pathways is NOT a requirement, but it certainly couldn’t hurt! Space is limited – sign up soon!

If you’re interested but the times just don’t work, drop a comment below and let me know what would work for YOU and we will take your input into consideration to schedule future installments of Assignment & Assessment. Hope to talk to you live!

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Tequila Time on a Tuesday!

Much like last night’s episode of Earth is Our Witness, Tequila Time will be happening at a special time this week – LIVE tonight at 5:30! Parimal won’t be able to host this time around, but for those of you who know her or have spoken to her on the phone when calling the office my assistant Libby will be on hand to help me run the show, along with still-States-bound Gavriel. We will miss Parimal’s hosting acumen but I’ve got some photos to show from our recent Bandon workshop to share. The smoke in the atmosphere made for some interesting images. That being said, I hope everyone and their property is safe and sound from these terrible fires. Join us live on Facebook and Instagram!

As much as I can, I’ll try to keep the live stream times consistent but the important thing is that we all get the time together, regardless of when it happens – so I’ll keep you in the loop and hope you can join me – and if you can’t you can always check out my Instagram TV, Facebook Videos, and of course the Tequila Time page on my website to view past episodes!

If you missed it last evening, Parimal and myself had a great interview with The Animal Kingdom photographer Randal Ford – check out Randal’s work on the Earth Is Our Witness instagram page and if you missed the episode, view it on Facebook and YouTube!

See you tonight I hope!

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ICYM – Tequila Time, Live from Astoria Oregon!

In case you couldn’t make the live broadcast last night, I’m down in Astoria, Oregon leading a small, safe, masked, and socially distanced group on my Abstract Astoria workshop. WHY is Astoria so alluring to me? Find out here -> Tequila time Episode 19

We are also almost all the way finished with Season 1 of Pathways to Creativity. I can’t wait to get started on season 2, but admittedly it’ll be nice to have a break from the recording process! With 3 episodes yet to go, season 1 is already clocking in at nine hours and twenty-two minutes – that’s a lot of talking to my computer!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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