The Wandering Photographer One Day Seminar


Spend a day with me to learn how I create my images as I
travel the world. Members of the Travels to Edge crew will discuss
equipment usage and transport while I will show how I
employ the insights of modern painting when composing photographs. This is a synopsis of what I teach in my three day Creative Session.
Space is limited to 180 participants. There will a drawing at the
end of the day for a Lowepro bag!

For more info please contact us directly-

Composition: changing how you see
Finding the image
What’s in Art’s Bag
Lunch Break – On your own
Tips: Light, Depth, Movement
Working with people
Transport and workflow
It’s the photograph, not the subject

July 18, 2009


Silver Cloud Hotel Stadium
1046 First Ave South
Seattle, WA 98134


mountain ridge

Creative Session Ends; Field Seminar Begins

I was pleased with the results of the Creative Session last weekend. It seemed that everyone grasped the idea of applying a painter’s vision to photography and that shooting every subject to expand your view of composition was the key to rapid improvement. Darell Gulin laid out all the issues involved in macro photography, and Scott Stulberg delivered a rapid fire survey of Photoshop plug ins and the critical role of layer masks for enhancing photographs. John Greengo discussed the equipment issues faced on the road.

Tomorrow I leave for a Travels to the Edge Field Seminar in Monterey and Big Sur where I will teach the same precepts where we can put the lessons into practice along the shore and in the forests.

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The Creative Session Begins

My only Creative Session for 2009 begins today. The entire group of 50 participants will convene at my house for a reception with food from my favorite restaurant in Seattle, Wild Ginger, the city’s first Pan Asian eatery.

Starting tomorrow, we will devote three days to learning how to see like an artist. This is a new program from start to finish with an emphasis on the compositional techniques of artists from the Impressionists through the Abstract Expressionists. I will cover line, balance, negative space, color interactions, and moving the eye, among other topics. Darrel Gulin, the past president of NANPA, photo tour instructor, and stock photographer will add his insights regarding composition for close up images. John Greengo will demonstrate discuss gear and travel issues we face while shooting Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge. Scott Stulberg will show how layer masks and plugins in Photoshop can enhance or transform images from the mundane to the wondrous. I think all three add value, plus I will need a couple hours a day of downtime to recharge.

I’m excited about this new seminar and look forward to presenting it, and abridged versions, next year and beyond.

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Kenmore Camera Himalaya Show

Kenmore Camera invited to me to present my Between Heaven and Earth show at a Canon-sponsored event at the Lynnwood, WA Convention Center north of Seattle. I had a great time meeting people. The room was SRO and the response gratifyingly boisterous. The show chronicles how I started with photography in the North Cascades, and how my involvement with a 1984 expedition to the Tibetan side of Mt Everest led to a life-long obsession with the Himalaya. I’ve returned to Tibet, visited Nepal, explored Bhutan, trekked up the Baltoro Glacier of Pakistan, and wandered in northern India. No other part of the world, with the exception of the Pacific Northwest, has influenced my life and work as deeply.

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