Photos & Video from Hamburg’s Vanishing Act Exhibit



This past week took me to Hamburg, Germany for the opening of the Meisterhaft Getarnt – or Vanishing Act – exhibit in the city’s Überseequartier. I was impressed with the cool and unique presentation of my work in this outdoor open-air gallery, and I highly recommend checking it out if you plan on being in the area. Admission is free, and I feel it’s a great way to experience these images. Thank you to the staff of the Überseequartier for putting together such a wonderful Exhibit! Meisterhaft Getarnt runs through June 30th.

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Meisterhaft Getarnt Open Air Exhibit in Hamburg Opens Tomorrow!

I’m heading off to Germany today to celebrate the opening of “Meisterhaft-Getarnt”; translated – “Masterfully Disguised”, an exhibition of my work from Vanishing Act, in Hamburg’s Überseequartier. This open-air gallery exhibit will highlight my primary goal with Vanishing act – capturing animals at home in their natural habitat, blending in with their surroundings for survival.

The exhibit runs from March 30th to June 30th, 24 hours a day and admission is free. I will be in attendance tomorrow, March 30th at 6 PM local time.

For more information on this event, click here!

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Meisterhaft getarnt: Von der Kunst nicht gesehen zu werden

kunstTäuschung und Tarnung werden häufig eingesetzt, wenn es darum geht, als Spezies zu überleben, und oft besteht die Überlebenstaktik darin, sich einfach unsichtbar zu machen. Art Wolfe, einer der bedeutendsten Naturfotografen unserer Zeit, fotografierte über mehrere Jahrzehnte hinweg Tiere auf der ganzen Welt, die die Kunst der Tarnung perfekt beherrschen. Ein Gepard verschwindet im hohen Gras, ein Rotfuchs löst sich im herbstlichen Wald scheinbar auf, und was wie eine zarte Orchidee aussieht, entpuppt sich als räuberische Fangschrecke. In magischen Suchbildern für große und kleine Entdecker hat Art Wolfe diese Meister der Tarnung eingefangen.

And for those of you, who don’t read German (like me), Knesebeck Verlag is publishing an updated version of Vanishing Act, originally published in 2005.  Now with more photos, captions, and a new design!

See more of the layout HERE.

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Interview in Ami Magazine

Nissi Unger at Ami Magazine interviewed me.

Link to the full article:

Interview with Art Wolfe

Learn more about the publication:

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Undercover in the Netherlands

Wildlife camouflage has been one of the most enduring subjects I have focused on in my career.  I really started shooting camouflage in the early nineties for a children’s book called Hiding Out for Crown Books and this work culminated in the 2005 book Vanishing Act.

Vanishing Act ended up being published internationally in several languages.  Images from the book have been the focus of untold magazine articles, including the latest, The Netherlands “Season” magazine. Click to view the PDF article.

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Vanish Act – Can You See the Spruce Grouse?

Spruce grouse, Denali National Park, Alaska, USA

And last week’s blackbear:

Black Bear by Art Wolfe

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Vanish Act – Can You See the Black Bear?

Black Bear by Art Wolfe

And last week’s gopher snake:

Gopher snake, Oregon by Art Wolfe

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Vanish Act – Can You See the Gopher Snake?

Gopher snake, Oregon

And last week’s grasshopper:

Cryptic grasshopper by Art Wolfe

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Vanish Act – Can You See the Cryptic grasshopper?

Cryptic grasshopper on heliconia leaf, Napo River region, Peru

And last week’s mountain gorilla:

Mountain Gorilla, Uganda by Art Wolfe

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Vanish Act – Can You See the Mountain Gorilla?

Mountain Gorilla, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

And last week’s Ram:

Bighorn Ram by Art Wolfe

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