David duChemin’s “See the World” eBook

seetheworldMy good friend & fellow photographer David duChemin has just released a new eBook, which features an interview with moi.

Everyone who buys SEE THE WORLD before February 19, 2015 is automatically entered to win a new Fuji X-E2 and 18-55mm lens.


[20 Lessons for Stronger Travel Photographs]

The best photographs from around the world have little to do with the camera that was used or how compact the tripod was; they have everything to do with the photographer you bring with you. See The World is an investment in that photographer: you.

panelsThis 210-page PDF eBook covers some of the concerns of traveling, such as which cameras to take, preparing packing lists, how to deal with carry-on luggage restrictions, choosing tripods and bags, but those are just the trivial details. The important details are in the 20 lessons designed to teach you what David believes is the real art of traveling with a camera while experiencing new places, landscapes, and cultures. See the World outlines the importance of storytelling and finding elements of the visual language that help you tell those stories, dealing with people, and working through the creative process of seeing places for the first time. This book summarizes the real work of making photographs that are more visually arresting and emotionally compelling.

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