For the Traditionalists: New Cards and Calendars

Patagonia 2015 cover

We have new cards and calendars from Weingarten and Pomegranate available in the store now!

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Alaska Story Cruise & Workshop

Alaska always refreshes me. What with the amazing opportunities to photograph wildlife, the fun people I travel with, and the hospitality of the Alaska Story, that is no surprise. This time we were able to photograph orcas (which makes my photo editor very happy) in addition to all the usual suspects.

On Saturday I leave for Svalbard. Looking forward to polar bears!

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New Website FAQ

Art Wolfe New WebsiteYou may have noticed we just launched a few changes to our website. Here are a few pointers to help you get around:

-We have a new showcase of Art Wolfe photos for you to peruse and enjoy!

  • If you are on a keyboard you can go through the single-images galleries with the arrow keys on your keyboard or click the arrows with your mouse.
  • If you are on a touch screen you need to double tap to get into the gallery and then you can either touch the arrows or swipe to the left or right and a new photo will be loaded.
  • You can link to individual images in any gallery and favorite them on Facebook or Tweet them.

Art Wolfe Showcase

-We have revamped our entire store and built it from the ground up.

  • You do not need to create account to make a purchase. But once you make a purchase, you can create an account for use in all of your purchases in the future.
  • Your account and passwords from the old store will no longer be valid.
  • You can search for products in the store from the search box in the store sidebar.

Art Wolfe New Store

– Our Blog has been updated to match the new look and is streamlined into our site.

Art Wolfe New Blog

-We now have a site wide search. When using the search tool in our top menu it will check the store, blog and showcase for content. Our search is not as advanced as Google, so try variations of your search words if you are not getting results. Unfortunately, you can’t search through our stock archive from our main site. If you click through to Stock you can search the entire archive.

You, the blog audience, will be our test group! Please let us know ( if you encounter a bug or problem or have a suggestion. The team will do their best to work on them as they come in. I have learned that a site is never perfected, least of all at launch! More changes will be coming in the near future as well.

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Award winning Documentary Maikaru

I never forget that my staff is talented and creative, and yet sometimes I am caught off guard with the great stuff they work on outside of my office! My multimedia producer Amanda Harryman has directed a wonderful documentary- and I’m not the only one who thinks so. The film has already won three awards, but I am writing here to try and help her with another!


Congratulations to Amanda and her team for creating a very inspiring film. She met the subject of the film because he too used to work for me, although now he is on to bigger and better things- he has just started graduate school studies at Seattle Pacific University. Apparently lunch conversations when I am traveling garner interesting subjects! I had no knowledge of Maikaru’s (pronounced My-ka-rue) past with human trafficking. He is an extraordinary young man, and I know he will go on to do great things. Visit The Audience Awards to view the movie (7 minutes) and vote for the film.

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Modernism in the Pacific Northwest

A new exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum showcases the works of Mark Tobey and Morris Graves, among others. These are the artists who have inspired me the most–as anyone who attended my Art of Composition seminar should know.

Modernism in the Pacific Northwest: The Mythic and the Mystical
Jun 19 – Sep 7 2014
Seattle Art Museum
Simonyi Special Exhibition Galleries

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Crazywise from Phil Borges

For the last two years brilliant Seattle-based photographer Phil Borges has been working on a feature length documentary called CRAZYWISE. The idea grew out of his fascination with shamanism and the way indigenous cultures often look at severe mental disorders. It wasn’t until he started working on this film that he realized the depth and severity of the mental health crisis in the USA. However, this film is about hope. During the production, they have discovered underreported, innovative, community-based treatment approaches that emphasize hope for recovery, acceptance, and peer to peer mentorship. Their goal is to highlight these successful programs and have the film spark a long overdue conversation for change.

Principal Photography Wraps in 2014. Now Raising Finishing Funds for Post Production.

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Denver and Chicago Art of Composition

I am going to be in Denver and Chicago this summer to present my Art of Composition seminar. Join me?

Chicago – Loyola University – July 12

Denver – History Colorado Center – July 13

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Photographing Tigers

A timeless moment from filming Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge:

Also featured on PRI’s The World as a Geo Quiz!

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Evolution of Wildlife Photography

Along with Andy Rouse and Greg du Toit, Art has been featured in the June edition of Photography Monthly (UK) magazine.

Get your copy HERE

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