New Website FAQ

Art Wolfe New WebsiteYou may have noticed we just launched a few changes to our website. Here are a few pointers to help you get around:

-We have a new showcase of Art Wolfe photos for you to peruse and enjoy!

  • If you are on a keyboard you can go through the single-images galleries with the arrow keys on your keyboard or click the arrows with your mouse.
  • If you are on a touch screen you need to double tap to get into the gallery and then you can either touch the arrows or swipe to the left or right and a new photo will be loaded.
  • You can link to individual images in any gallery and favorite them on Facebook or Tweet them.

Art Wolfe Showcase

-We have revamped our entire store and built it from the ground up.

  • You do not need to create account to make a purchase. But once you make a purchase, you can create an account for use in all of your purchases in the future.
  • Your account and passwords from the old store will no longer be valid.
  • You can search for products in the store from the search box in the store sidebar.

Art Wolfe New Store

– Our Blog has been updated to match the new look and is streamlined into our site.

Art Wolfe New Blog

-We now have a site wide search. When using the search tool in our top menu it will check the store, blog and showcase for content. Our search is not as advanced as Google, so try variations of your search words if you are not getting results. Unfortunately, you can’t search through our stock archive from our main site. If you click through to Stock you can search the entire archive.

You, the blog audience, will be our test group! Please let us know ( if you encounter a bug or problem or have a suggestion. The team will do their best to work on them as they come in. I have learned that a site is never perfected, least of all at launch! More changes will be coming in the near future as well.

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Great Sites

I have only recently taken the time to explore the resources available on the Web. I did so partly get ideas for my new website and partly to learn what other photographers are doing and the techniques they’re applying, as well as their responses to the rapidly changing business environment. In that exploration I have uncovered some real gems.

I am immediately attracted to any website that makes teaching its mission. My very incomplete list includes:

Luminous landscape is probably the most comprehensive website devoted to the kind of photography I love. Although much of it concerns the latest equipment, the point of view is that of a landscape and travel photographer. The breadth and depth of information available on this website is breathtaking.

If anyone is considering going pro or is already a professional, there is no more valuable perspective on photography in the marketplace than this website hosted by Rob Haggart, the former director of photography for Men’s Journal and outside magazine. In addition to his blog, he lists important contacts such as photography consultants, agents, agencies, and website design professionals. He also lists his favorite wildlife photographers (thanks for including me, Rob) and photography books.

Chase Jarvis is a Seattle-based studio photographer who seems to spend an inordinate amount of time outside the studio either photographing or creating interesting videos. If you want to learn about the life of a professional studio photographer, can’t beat this one. Chase is afflicted by too much energy and we all benefit.

Joe was one of the icons of American photography, and he approaches his art with irreverent seriousness. He is clearly obsessed with getting the best possible shot and he shows us how he works toward that goal through trial and error and error until he nails it. Check out his blog and his Youtube posts. His book, The Moment It Clicks, present similar material in a more organized way but with his signature self-deprecating good humor.

I’m sure there are many, many more. When I find other sites I like, I will let you know.

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