Bears & Salmon

Bears & Salmon – Images by Art Wolfe

Katmai National Park is one of my go-to places for bears. It is extraordinary to say the least & the scenery isn’t too shabby either. In particular, I was able to photograph a sow & her two cubs. She looked at me, looked at her cubs, and sat down as if giving me permission.

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2 Responses to “Bears & Salmon”

  1. Art — amazing, incredible images! I love your ability to combine creative compositions with unique wildlife shots … What a wonderful world we live in!

  2. Kip Folker says:

    I was once woken up by a bear in NW Wyoming. It was the best alarm clock ever. All were fine. 2 hours later I wasn’t needing coffee. The bear woke me up by standing right over me. When I sat up we were about 3 inches apart. I could smell fish/bear breath. As I say it turned out fine. The sight of me in my “whitey thighties” made the bear back away. Like I said no need for coffee, my heart was racing.

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