Salmon & Bears

Salmon & Bears – Images by Art Wolfe

Sockeye salmon run thick in the rivers and streams of Katmai.  However, these fish are smart.  I was unable to capture the shots I wanted of the fish since they were very agitated by the bears hunting them.  The bears work in unison, churning the water, then snagging the confused fish in their powerful jaws.

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3 Responses to “Salmon & Bears”

  1. Meg Webster says:

    Art. As usual you make my heart sing. Bears. Brilliant bears. Red salmon in blue water. More than words work.


  2. Wayne Nelson says:

    Amazing images Art! The salmon are truly running.

  3. I’m just so happy to be sitting here in our new home with DSL service. We just moved here from a place where I could only get dial-up service, and your site doesn’t do well on dial-up. But I’m able to zoom around and see everything now, and I’m thrilled! Your work is awesome, inspirational, and just plain ole beautiful, Art!!! I’m enjoying myself, and will definitely come back time and again for more.

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