The Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda

I’m traveling in Africa with friends. We’ve been trekking at the base of the mighty Virunga Mountains looking for a troop of Mountain Gorillas and were not disappointed! Do note it’s up to the gorillas to get this close, we’ll approach the troop from a respectable distance but their curiosity can occasionally have them close the distance to check us out as well.

I hope to have more to share soon!

mountain ridge

Mountain Gorillas, Uganda

The Gorilla Forest Camp nestled in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a tremendous place to see the endangered mountain gorillas as well as other wildlife large & small. I love photographing the gorillas, their calm intelligence shines through in their eyes. Now, on to Ethiopia!

mountain ridge

Africa: RwandaMountain Gorillas

BLOG: Mountain Gorillas January 2012 – Images by Art Wolfe

mountain ridge