#FlashBackFriday – 15 Years of April Images!

Continuing my series looking back on the previous decade and half of travel, April has been a varied month for me, with shoots spanning the globe to Europe, the Far East, the southern tip of Africa, South America, and plenty of shoots here in the states as well. This is typically an opportune time of year to visit so many locations that it’s making me antsy to think about it. Fortunately I’m keeping myself very occupied and fully immersed in creating my next series of educational and hopefully inspiring lectures – stay tuned for more information about that project, and enjoy the photos.

3 Responses to “#FlashBackFriday – 15 Years of April Images!”

  1. Jean Tryon says:

    Art, you have mentioned many times that you look for the patterns when you shoot. Yeah, yeah. I really didn’t SEE this before this collection of photos for April. I went thru it 4x [yes, four!] and there are patterns in each and every one of them. Some are loud—almost ‘shouting’—and others so subtle they are hardly noticed but significantly add their patterns to the whole. Stunning!!

    • Tobias Hjorth says:

      So inspiringly good all of them. Thank you for taking us back to a breathtaking series of April month images

  2. Kyle C Moon says:

    I love the great grey owl shot! That shot really captures how cryptic they can be.

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