#TechniqueTuesday – When to NOT Use a Tripod!

Happy technique Tuesday! Hopefully everyone is healthy and using their time to practice their photography at home. While I’m currently working on my Pathways to Creativity series of lectures, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give some tips for those of you looking to pass the time.

Photographers of all levels know just how useful a tripod can be. Myself and others have touted the necessity of choosing a good brand and not skimping on a cheap one. That being said, sometimes you need to ditch that thing. While the stability a tripod offers is essential for many shots, it’s not always the most maneuverable tool to use.

In this video, I illustrate that by losing the tripod and getting down low, I can capture these chinstrap penguins in such a way that enough background is included and in focus to give true context to their environment. This is an angle and perspective I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without the spontaneity  and maneuverability gained by freeing myself from the tripod.

Use your body, the ground, and objects around you to stabilize your shot – don’t forget, any three points of contact, not just tripod legs, will make for a steady shot. Now, unless you’re super lucky, you don’t have penguins in your back yard – that’s okay! Get down low and photograph your familiar surroundings from a whole new perspective.

5 Responses to “#TechniqueTuesday – When to NOT Use a Tripod!”

  1. paulbhill says:

    Great point – triangulation!

  2. sue knolle says:

    Thank you for that tip. I will start using it. Frankly, a tripod is often not user friendly in my hands.

  3. Joel Kleiner says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and knowledge, Art.

  4. Thanks for the awesome tip. No penguins in my backyard, but eventually a couple of toucans come at the end of the day. I’ll keep practicing with the toucans and my cats, obviously. Have a great week.

  5. Tatiya Suksai says:

    Many occasion that I couldnot carry tripod along.It is great to know this.Thanks a million.Tatiya

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