#TakeCareTuesday – A Message From Art

Hello again from Seattle! Some of you may be wondering what I’m up to while we do our best to protect ourselves and one and other from the current pandemic. I’m better in front of a camera than I am a keyboard – so I’ll let it do the talking!

Watched it? Great! Feel free to leave comments below as to what you’re doing to keep your photography skills honed and your mind active; I’m sure we could all use various perspectives on how to use our time productively. I’ll be posting ideas to the blog on a regular basis as well, so stay tuned and most importantly, stay safe!

Don’t forget that you can also catch Travels to the Edge streaming on Amazon Prime, and Tales by Light is available on Netflix!

18 Responses to “#TakeCareTuesday – A Message From Art”

  1. Rick Puckett says:

    Thanks for all your incredible shots I watch your videos and I’ve learned so much from you in all your travels thanks again Rick from Santa Cruz pictures.com if you ever need any help when you come by this way let me know

  2. Barbara Gellner says:

    This sounds great! Looking forward to Pathways to Creativity, thanks!

  3. Love your content Art!! This video made my day!! My girlfriend and I have been doing daily laps around the Church next to our apartments to check on a hummingbird nest. There is also a breeding pair of Canadian Geese that have returned to a pond nearby so we have been watching them do their lapse. Hope your doing well!!!


    • Lesley Giger says:

      Hi Art, So glad to hear you are taking care of yourself in this challenging time! Looking forward to Pathways to Creativity! You have always been and continue to be such an inspiration; and I have learned so much from you. Thank you. Be safe and stay well.

  4. Maureen Elliott says:

    Good to know you are taking care of yourself and staying busy. This is certainly a challenging time for all of us. It was good to “ see “ you on the video and hear your voice. Be safe, stay well. This too shall pass. “ Every storm runs out of rain eventually “

  5. Hi Art,
    It’s Jonathan Bougie-Lauzon, I helped you a little bit to organise the event last time you came to Montreal to give your seminar.
    I took pictures of the event with your permission too. Remember me?

    Happy to hear that you are safe home, Art!

    I have been a bit (well very) far from photography lately since last october 2019 when my father died from cancer…

    Coposing music with MIDI keyboard and computer replaced photography as a way to express myself, wich was more doing it in terms of emotional response for me.
    (Here is a link if you are interested to hear the one song I dedicated to him, and others, more orchestral and epic ones:

    Listen to “Ainsi Coule La Vie” (Life flows by) by Mistral Unizion on #SoundCloud:


    I took my Canon 5Dmk3 this week for the first time since christmas! Not my style to let it down that long…
    I will get back to it more and more soon I think…
    It takes time to get throught this kind of stuff.

    Yesterday I received my free copy of Photonews (Canadian magazine available online) and there was this article from the best known landscape photographer in Québec, Mathieu Dupuis (Nat Geo), who was talking about you as an inspiration when he saw your picture of the Namib desert. Here he was showing us his own pic after all those years having it on his bucket list!

    I thought: Wow! Art Wolfe really did inspire so much of us! And I thought you would be happy to know that! 🙂

    Looking forward to see this next project of yours!

    Take care,

  6. Mathew Yudell says:

    I am looking forward to this new learning series you are working on!
    Stay safe and thank you for all you do.

  7. Louis Calisi says:

    Looking forward to it. It will be a great refresher from our trip last year. Stay safe all.

  8. Deigh Bates says:

    Would love to see a video on the Making of the Human Canvas – I have the book and love it. Just a suggestion

  9. Denise Rosen says:

    Yay, Art! I love you!! Master Class, make room for another Master!!! If I can’t get out and photograph tigers with you, then I will make an indoor studio for pet photography! Stay healthy! Can’t wait to see your online class!

  10. Jim Bracher says:

    Well said. Working on projects to stay busy and creative is essential. Thanks.

  11. Good for you Art, let me know if you need a beta tester for pathways.

  12. Keith Young says:

    Thank you for sharing your incredible works of art.
    Great advice, as well.
    This too will pass.
    Stay safe all.

  13. Karen Lovette says:

    Hi Art,
    Thanks for sharing and letting people know it is important to stay home now.
    Looking forward to all of your inspiring works! God bless, Karen.

  14. Colleen Parker says:

    Our yard has never looked so tidy in early spring! We are fortunate to live on beautiful Bainbridge Island with soul-soothing views of Mt Rainier and newly quiet skies. We are watching our resident pair of bald eagles build their nest, and honing our photography skills in the woods nearby. Thank you for the blogs and images which never fail to inspire! We are looking forward to Pathways to Creativity!

    Be well,

    Colleen & Lars

  15. Georga says:

    What a great idea. I can hardly wait. Take care of yourself.

  16. Tom Kogut says:

    Keep up the good work Art, no time to slack off now! Let me know if you need some filler material for the videos. 🙂 Stay safe!

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