#FridayVibes – Friday Feline Frenzy!

Greetings from Seattle! I won’t spend too much time talking about the elephant in the room, but I do want to wish each and every one of you the best through these difficult times and hope that you and yours are healthy and getting the support you need. In my limited excursions to get groceries and other necessities, I’ve witnessed nothing but kindness and support out there in the community, and that’s exactly what we need – we are truly in this together. I’m not one for standing still, and to that end I am working diligently to prepare some exciting new distance-based learning opportunities to unveil soon. Stay tuned!

One of my last trips before buckling down here was to Patagonia, with the primary goal of photographing pumas. These are notably solitary animals, whom rarely congregate or hunt with others until it’s time to breed. When cubs are born, they remain with their mother long enough to grow strong and learn to hunt before venturing out on their own. I was fortunate to capture not one but two such families on this trip – one with adorable young cubs, the other with rough-housing older siblings. To be able to follow these two groups and observe their similarities and differences kept me busy. They were surprisingly indifferent to my documentation of their days, whether they were lounging, scrapping, or enjoying some fine dining. Along the way I captured some other denizens of the area as well.

Enjoy the photos, have a wonderful weekend!

11 Responses to “#FridayVibes – Friday Feline Frenzy!”

  1. Brian says:

    Stay safe Art. You are a National treasure. Thank you for brightening my day with these images.

  2. John P says:

    Holy cow!! Photo #7!!! Simply magnificent. Exquisite might be a better adjective.

  3. Jean Tryon says:

    Beautiful photos, Art. My love is Torres del Paine, and your shot from the sky is one I never saw before. Welcome back to WS! Stay safe.

  4. Wow – just WOW
    I was also in Pumaland in the Amarga region a few days ago. Just before the shut down. Sad that we did not meet.
    Your photographs are just amazing

  5. Vaughn Hart says:

    Hi Art. What a beautiful collection of images. I love all of them. I look forward to whatever you offer online. I am pretty sure those of us in CA will be at home for a while. Thanks for all of your great images and trips you share each Friday. My best to everyone in the office.

  6. Suki Shattuck says:

    Thanks for the photos! I appreciate the beauty and art, more, now than ever. I have been working on my photos from our Carmel trip and am very pleased. I always learn so much from you and am ready to dive into the any classes/seminars you do online. You and your wonderful staff stay well!

    All the best

  7. These are so beautiful, Art. What a wonderful trip.
    Welcome home. I look forward to your online plans.
    Have fun in your garden.

  8. Maureen Elliott says:

    Wonderful pictures of two beautiful families. I don’t imagine you are too happy about having your travels curtailed, but this may give you a chance to do some of those things around the house ( and yard) that you never have time for. Stay safe, and try not to go stir crazy. Don’t want to lose you!

  9. Lynne Simons says:

    Beautiful images!!! Viewing your photography always inspires me to do better.

  10. Some impressive images here, congrats. Patagonia is an exceptional place.

  11. Ully Bleil says:

    These photos and words are so incredible and inspiring
    Thank you so much. Stay safe.

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