Cats in Question eBook Release


First published in 2004, the Smithsonian Answer Book: Cats in Question is now available as an eBook.

Done in question-and-answer format Cats in Question offers authoritative and engaging answers to the thousands of questions about cats that Smithsonian scientists receive annually. All of the world’s cats are here, from fearsome predators such as lions and tigers, to mysterious hunters such as leopards and jaguars, to cuddly pets such as domestic cats.

More than 100 breathtaking photographs by acclaimed photographer Art Wolfe illustrate the questions on cat facts, cat evolution and diversity, and cats and humans. Readers will find the answers to such questions as “What are cats?” “How do cats hunt?” “Do wild cats like catnip?” and “Do cats dream?”.

Subjects dealt with include physical features and senses, diet and predation, social behavior, evolution, decline and recovery, diversity, distribution and abundance, and the cats’ roles in various cultures. Did you know that a male and female lion mate repeatedly, as often as every 20 minutes for several days? Or that lions may sleep or rest up to 19 hours a day? The text is augmented by 120 color photographs and a list of scientific and common names and a glossary.

A conservation biologist at the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park, author Dr. John Seidensticker and cat specialst Dr. Susan Lumpkin have edited Great Cats and wrote The Smithsonian Book of Giant Pandas, Cats and Wild Cats, and several children’s books. They live in Washington, DC.

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  1. Terri McReynolds says:

    Is “Cats In Question” still available as a print book? I just discovered it and would love to give as a gift.

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