Quinault Rainforest Photography Retreat

For those who have been looking for a different, more intimate and intensive Olympic Peninsula experience—look no further! This photography retreat is designed with the avid photographer in mind who is looking to further develop and explore their talent.

Lake_Quinault_LodgeAccommodations are in the luxurious and historic Lake Quinault Lodge and are included in the package.

Be a part of a small group photographing together for five days in the cathedral-like Quinault Rainforest and surrounding Olympic Peninsula locations! This is a great opportunity to spend time with one of the world’s foremost photographers in one of his favorite locations.

Learn more and register here.

Questions?  info@artwolfe.com | 206-332-0993 | toll free 888-973-0011

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28 Photos for February

Searching for some winter inspiration? All these photos were taken in Februarys over the last ten years. From migrating birds, crystal clear urban skylines, Antarctic summers, to tropical southeast Asia, the world is packed full of activity and promise.

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