On Location: Yangon Day 2

Myanmar Day 2 – Images by Art Wolfe

Scenes from everday life of the Burmese at work and worship.

2 Responses to “On Location: Yangon Day 2”

  1. Hi Art,
    Did not know you were in Myanmar – I just left ten days ago – Hope you enjoy this wonderful country as much as i did! Still editing all the shots I took.. If you get the chance go to Inle and enjoy the misty mornings on the lake (make sure you stay on the lake side when choosing where to live) – If you want any uptodate advice do not hesitate to give me a shout. Morts

  2. karin reid says:

    hi, just found your website and found the gorgeous photos of Myanmar. I have been to this wonderful country a few times and and you’ve captured the country and it’s people so well, thank you for sharing, it’s made me quite homesick for that lovely land.I agree with Morts, Inle Lake was my favorite place to stay and take the most amazing photos. Karin

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